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Planetary Tantra in 2010:

The Year of Sudden Reckoning

Site readers who have followed my extravagant trajectory into Planetary Tantra in 2008 will have noticed that in November 2009 I stopped reporting on the lunar shaktis, the month-long periods associated with "dakini instruction." I am grateful to those who followed these cycles as long as I was able to cover them. Now is the time to review the closing months of 2009 and catch up with the current shift that began on sunday February 15, 2010.

For the sake of continuity, here is the chronological sequence of lunar cycles since November last year, taken up to the present and ahead to June 2010:


Oct 19 - Nov 16: SCALES or BALANCE

October 19 visible sunset crescent in the small constellation of the SCALES - November 16 non-observable new moon in 235 ECL, in the SCALES where one pan, holding the standards of measure, floats precariously in the claws of the SCORPION.

This was the shift of Visvamata, "The Variegated Mother," a Female Buddha in the pentagrammic star around VV. This was the last shift on which I reported in my ongoing account of the lunar shaktis.

November 17 - December 16: SNAKETAMER
This shift came under the direction of Parnashavari, A Diamond Sky Dakini in the pentagrammic star around VV. I prefer to use her Amazonian name, Sacha Mama. Observations for this shift were tricky. The crescent visible at sunset slid past the small region of the zodiac occupied by the stars of the constellation of the SCORPION, correlated to the Mahavidya Kamala or Kula Devi. Consequently, the shift of Kamala did not follow Visvamata even though the constellation of the Scorpion comes after the SCALES in the sequence of the zodiac. Such anomalies occur throughout the year in the succession of lunar shaktis. The lunar cycle is extremely flexible, conditions of observation are variable, and the pattern of overseeing dakinis or devatas cannot be reduced to a rigid, predictable system.

During the Sacha Mama shift I was intensely re-reading Castanada and discussing his system of neo-Toltec nagualism with my sorcery companion, Sabina. Her guardian, Kurukulla, directs the dreaming attention, while VV directs the second attention, the power of memory. We considered how the shamanic adventures and lessons described by Castaneda anticipated the current emergence of Gaian Tantra, down to some specifric points and techniques. For instance, Castaneda called the turbulent effect of the Shakti Cluster, the rolling force." He asserted that the earth is the greatest love of sorcerers, and their ultimate source of power. And we discovered other close correlations, as well.

The key instruction of Sacha Mama at that time concerned the use of sacred plant medicines to explore both types of attention. SM had a particular teaching about using metaphor to bring experiences from the Nagual, the Supernatural, into the frame of non-ordinary reality. Clearly this is what Castaneda had done in his shamanic inventions. I took this instruction to heart, although I am still far from applying it with skill and consistency. And most likely never will.

2009 - 2010
December 17, 2009 - January 15, 2010: ARCHER

This was the shift of Kurukulla, dakini of witchcraft and sexual enchantment. Kurukulla, a Diamond Sky Dakini, is a close ally of Kali Ma who is the epitome and emanation of the entire group of ten Mahavidyas During this shift a remarkable event occured— remarkable in Tantric terms, that is: the direction of the entire Shakti Cluster was "handed over" to Kurukulla. I became aware of this event, simply called the handover, in December when I checked the celestial omens for the disclosure of the Terma of Gaia Awakening—mainly indicated by the interacting cycles of the moon and jupiter. I detected then that Kurukulla would assume the direction of the Shakti Cluster, ceded by VV, between January 6-8 and 16-18, 2010. This is routine procedure for a terton who uses sky-divination to check information and timing relating to wisdom treasures, termas.

At the moment the "handover" was completed, a massive earthquake hit Haiti. I could comment at some length on that event, but I had better save that for recorded files (if ever)... I have said before that I do not attribute to the devatas of the Shakti Cluster an influence over events in the world, or even natural events. However, in view of the recent escalation of intensities from the Cluster, I would qualify that statement in two ways:

First, the Shakti Cluster is intimately linked to the weather and atmospheric phenomena, so the "influence" of the Gaian power-nodes may well be reflected in that manner. I would suggest the term "atmo-psychic" for the dynamic synergy or coupling of realizations in the collective psyche with events in the atmosphere of the planet. As explained at more length in Look Homeward Gaia: "I am not claiming anything special for the Shakti Cluster by the assertion that it is both an eruption of religious imagination and an objective event in the atmosphere. This is actually the norm for archetypal constellations. The Shakti Cluster, the integral node of the dawning constellation of "planetary shift," is inseparable from atmospheric and telluric phenomena." I stand by this early, tentative proposition of atmo-psychic activity.

Second, I have said that events that occur during the shift of any devata/dakini of the Shakti Cluster take on the look of her instruction. In other words, I would not claim that Kurukulla caused the earthquake in Haiti—indeed, it may have been human-caused, triggered by HAARP as the succeeding 8.8 quake in Chili seems to have been, if bizarre formations in the sky are any indication—but the constellation of awareness defined or designated by that Diamond Sky Dakini may have manifested through that event. This distinction may seem over-subtle but it is absolutely crucial. I advise that no one attribute events to the Shakti Cluster without the benefit of first-hand exploration of it, through experimental mysticism... To blindly attribute events to the Shakti Cluster, or any particular component of the console, works against understanding the animating power of Gaia-Sophia and wrongly situates her powers in the realm of superstition typical of the ignorant faith that attributes events, and the meaning of events, to Jehovah or Allah or whatever fictional deity you may name. If you respect my work with the Shakti Cluster and realize how preliminary it is, I would request that you observe this point closely.

January 16 - February 14: GOATFISH
With the sunset crescent in the Goatfish, the overseeing devata is Kali Ma who heads and emanates the ten Mahavidya. This shift of dakini instruction was particularly potent in 2010 due to the close proximity of the planet jupiter to the new moon in the constellation of the Goatfish or Makara, a goat-headed fish, the power animal of Kali in the zodiacal display.

Among parallel events in the world, I noted a strong resurgence of the 9/11 truth movement. In fact the resurgence is so strong that the US government saw fit to react by spreading the rumor in the media that 9/11 truthers were going to stage violent attacks, including an assassination attempt on the President. Kali Ma's shift saw a strong and sudden rise in the "anti-terrorist" strategy of social control: anyone who even questions the official version of the 9/11 story can now be accused of terrorism and treated as a dangerous wacko who may need to be restrained before doing something violent. This is actually the policy being enforced to advance domestic terror and psychological warfare in the USA.

Also, during this shift, the US government announced that it will take the liberty to assassinate any US citizen living outside the country who might be suspected of terrorist involvement, or activity against the government. If Kali Ma is the warrior goddess she is supposed to be, I would say that she has quite a battle coming up. But remember, she does not protect humanity. Freedom is not free on this planet. The price of freedom is the vigilant courage it takes to preserve it. In a free society, that is everyone's responsibility, not just the calling of Gaian warriors.

During this shift, I launched TELESTICS on I see the "The 9/11 Solution" as a key event in the collective backlash that may trigger an anti-globalist revolution... In my mythic view of events, I can see how the warrior goddess Kali might play a decisive role in the events to unfold in 2010. Her effect is known in abrupt, instantaneous change. If it happens that some people integrate the power of this devata into their lives, there may be a ripple effect and the shift in the collective conscience will be accelerated. Global takeover has to be accelerated now that the great deception is more and more obvious, the masterminds have disclosed many of their plans out in the open (although, of course, without admitting that they use deception, extortion, and lethal enforcement to accomplish their aims), and one hoax after another is coming under scrutiny.

In view of the increasing pace of exposure of the globalist endgame, I designate 2010 "the year of sudden reckoning." The accelerating response time required for humanity to catch up to globalist deception can be tracked from the murder of JFK in 1963, which took about 42 years to solve. But the 9/11 solution became public about seven years after September 2001, six times faster. At the current rate, the NEXT major feat of globalist deception may be discovered even before it happens, in 14 months from January 2010: March 2011. So many people are now catching on to the orchestrations of social evil through deliberate, staged events, and the enforcement of eugenic programs, behavior modification and mind control, the globalist manipulation of the mass media, the false right/left paradigm, the benevolent cover of NGOs amd internationalist bureaucracies, etc, that perception is catching up with the ongoing scheme.

In fact, as I write these words, open speculation about the ultimate move in the globalist endgame is starting to go viral on the Internet, giving the powers that be a very good reason to crank up their plan to take over the Net. I encourage everyone to use the internet as a free medium of research and exchange, while it is still free. If the acceleration of disclosure, the exponential pace of catching up with the globalist scheme to turn the world into a "prison planet," can be calculated as I suggest above, the endgame scenario may well be fully exposed BEFORE it can be pulled off. In the interval since I stopped posting material on the lunar cycles, we have seen Climategate, Avatar, the resurgence of the 9/11 truth movement, exposes of hoaxes such as the swine flu scam, and more. If the veil of deception and denial continues to unravel and disintegrate, the ultimate move for totalitarian control will not be so difficult to discern. How fantastic is it that it may be possible to lay out the entire scheme, strategy and implementation, before it happens. Foreseeing that heady prospect, I would name the endgame expose in this way: MESSIAHGATE. It would be the first instance of a globalist scheme totally exposed before it gets to be executed. That does not mean, however, that it will not be executed.

Also in the shift of Kali Ma, Richard Gage, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, is touring the USA. Even the mainstream media is reporting on the resurge of the 911 truth movement. The US government mafia are using the occasion to blame 9/11 truthers for government-staged acts of terrorism. Meanwhile, media shills spread the fear that 9/11 truthers are planning to assassinate--guess who? These events have unfolded dramatically and with astounding speed since the handover on January 18, and during the shift of Kali Ma the atmosphere of battle (between truth and deception) has been palpably escalating.

CURRENT CYCLE (as I write this piece):

On that note, one might ask: Is there power in truth to overcome deception? We'll find out soon enough, I suspect. In this year of sudden reckoning, 2010. I write these words in the last day of the shift of the Mahavidya Matangi, who vanquishes deceit. These comments on her shift are the last of this kind that I will be offering in written form in Planetary Tantra:

February 15 - March 15, 2010
Constellation of the MANITU (Waterbearer, aka Aquarius), the Mahavidya Matangi, Protector of the Outcasts, She Who Vanquishes Deceit, Voodoo Queen of the Shakti Cluster

For reflection on the Matangi shift, I offer this quote from The Serpent and the Rainbow by Wade Davis:

"To ask why there is sorcery in Haiti is to ask why there is evil in the world, and the answer, if there is one, is: evil is the mirror of good."

UPCOMING: March 16 - April 14: FISHES

Coming into spring 2010, the sequence of lunar shaktis after Matangi brings Nairatmya, (pronounced nigh-RAHT-myah) on shift. "She whose body is the sky." I propose to call her by another, more user-friendly term, Swan Deva. The constellation of the Fishes has the shape of a large inverted V, widely splayed out across the sky above the line of the ecliptic. The traditional figure of the Fishes is not the only way to picture the composite stars of this constellation. In fact, the oldest star-maps from Babylonia indicate a diving bird in that region. Hence, the term Swan Deva for the Buddhist goddess Nairatmya.


Hindu goddess Saraswati on a swan.
The wings conform to the widely
splayed V, visual signature of the
constellation of the Fishes.

April 15 - May 14: RAM
Shift of the Mahavidya Chinnamasta, the self-beheading devata.

May 15 - June 11: BULL
Double shift of two Mahavidyas, Bhuvaneshvari and the Wrathful Green Tara, the Selector.

June 12 - July 11: TWINS
Shift of Bagalarita, the Mahavidya who oversees Tantric couples and binds them to a higher fate.

My intention back in April 2009 was to provide commentary on a full cycle of 13 lunations in the zodiac, recording traditional material and iconography on the associated devatas, along with my real-time impressions of the cycles. In effect, I was proposing to teach the particulars of "dakini instruction" as I myself was in the process of learning how it works. Well, obviously, I got just so far with that extravagant mission. The themes and images associated with the Mahavidyas and Diamond Sky Dakinis are rich and compex. The received material alone would have been quite a task to cover month by month. Additionally to that task, I was immersed in "transception," the downloading of dakini instrution by inner audition or subtle hearing. I did manage to put into writing some of the lessons and insights I drew from tracking the lunar shaktis, but I could not complete the full cycle of a year.

Eventually, the task I set myself proved to be way too much to handle. To comment on the lunar shaktis as I tracked them was like trying to take notes from a canoe in a plunge over Niagara Falls. The download was too rich, intense, and overwhelming.

Avatar Magic

My last report on the lunar shaktis came out of the shift of Visvamata, "Dakini of Fractal Moods." Then came the Diamond Sky Dakini correlated to the constellation of the Snaketamer. Much to my chagrin, Sacha Mama taught me a sobering lesson about the sorcerer's most daunting problem: orchestation. That is to say, management or manipulation of ordinary reality by way of the non-ordinary, drawing on supernatural input or knowledge acquired from the Nagual. I realized that I had to handle Planetary Tantra in a different way than I had done up to that point, but there would not be time to make that alteration clear or complete... Then, in mid-December, two events happened in the world at large that brought me enormous encouragement for the future of Planetary Tantra. One was the world-wide release of Cameron's film Avatar which I saw in Brussels a few days after Christmas. The other was the Climategate scandal that revealed anthropic global warming to be a hoax propped up by rigged data and specious research of UN hirelings. I regard both those events as huge breakthroughs for those who seek a genuinely Gaian, goddess-inspired way of life on this planet.

I came away from Avatar with the conviction that I can now teach contra-violence and rite action, a way to resist and defeat intraspecies predation. Teach it in an introductory manner, anyway. Safely and ethically. So I wrote a review of Avatar, Take Back the Planet, and simultaneously launched Telestics for orientation to the practice of rite action that I am currently setting out in the complementary material, Open Season on Predators. This outburst of writing on several fronts at once kicked off during the shift of Kurukulla, the Diamond Sky Dakini pictured with a bow and arrow—figure it! In fact, Neytiri of Avatar could be viewed as a manifestation of Kurukulla. She is that and more to me, truly a cinematic emissary of the Shakti Cluster. An icon of indigenous revenge.

Seeing Avatar brought me around to the subject of 9/11. I had been waiting for the right cue to treat this subject on for quite some time, nearly two years. But I had set myself the condition that I would not tackle it unless I could point to a solution to the events of that day. I am now convinced the solution has been found, not to WHO did it or WHY, but to HOW it was done. Showing the HOW depends on evidence that can be identified, not on speculation. The great deception around the horror of 9/11 has been cracked and the word is getting out furiously, with a steep rise in internet discussion and public engagement, even as the mainstream media loses its audience to alternative news, including the Internet. As I write, there is a massive resurgence of international interest in 9/11, and growing outrage in the USA as the claim that the US government practices terrorism and psychological warfare on its citizens (first, and then the entire world) looks more and more credible. The way beyond mere fascination for, or ridicule of, conspiracy theories, is finally open. Wide open.

Oddly, the way 911 was pulled off can be understood by considering how the film Avatar was made. (This observation is not unique to me: someone on a YouTube clip with bad audio stated as much.) The Pandoran sequences that show Jake Sully in his avatar body, learning to hunt from Neytiri, use footage of the actual actors, Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana, but cloak or disguise them in computer-generated imagery (CGI). Their bodies and faces are not totally CGI-generated like the figures in Shrek, but CGI-cloaked, semi-disguised.. The characters in Avatar are themselves avataric hybrids of cinematic technology.

Here is the face of Neytiri. It is comprised of film of the actual face of Zoe Saldana cloaked in CGI-imagery, enhanced and morphed but founded on the real presence of the physical actress. Just so, real missiles struck the twin towers in NYC and the Pentagon, and crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. Real aircraft made those attacks, but not the aircraft the world saw. The towers were hit by guided missiles cloaked in holographic CGI-imagery that could be photographed and taken for materially real. Frame by frame analysis of film sequences shows that the "hijacked airplanes" that smashed into the towers acted in defiance of physical laws know to the average high school student. Once you see the fraud in the film, you may realize that you saw it on that day, September 11, 2001, but were too stunned to trust or examine the evidence of your own perception. No hollow-core physical object, be it a beer can or a city bus or a jet airliner, can crashe into a massively reinforced wall without telescopically crunching into itself and disintegrating. Did any eye-witness or tv viewer see those airplanes do anything like that?

Once the HOW of 9/11 breaks through the fog of collective denial, the WHO and WHY will rapidly follow. This happens not in some mythical moment to come in 2012, but now, right now, in 2010, the year of sudden reckoning.

Globalist Endgame

Does any government in the world have the technology to holographically disguise a material object with CGI, causing it to be perceived as something it is not? Has any government on earth enjoyed top secret clearances allowing it to test UFO-type objects, i.e., aerial hardware made to look like UFOs, on the general public since the 1950s? What if the US government's refusal to disclose what it knows about UFOs is not due to the intention to keep the public in ignorance about an alien presence, but to conceal human-made technology that simulates an alien presence? What will happen when the scientific truth of the attacks of 911 breaks into the mainstream?

In my view, the "alien presence" the emergent world government is hiding is the phantom corps of murderous psychopaths who are setting up that government. Can you imagine an alien threat that would be as evil as the one humanity is facing from predators of own species? And even if you can, why would you bother if the lethal menace of intraspecies predation is "a clear and present danger"?

I do not deny the possibility there are hostile aliens in the cosmos with us, but I have yet to see convincing evidence of their presence and activities on earth. On the other hand, the evidence of intra-species predation is overwhelming. That the surro-predators would use an alien threat in their endgame scenario is predictable. That they will conflate the alien attack with a messianic revelation has already been prefigured in the script they follow, as I have explained at length in Not in His Image: Judgement Day.

From January 2010, Internet material exposing the CGI-cloaking technique of the 9/11 attacks has been going viral. Architects and engineers for 9/11 truth are getting world-wide coverage for their case that the towers could not have collapsed for the reasons stated in the official version, the government cover story. This is a wild breakthrough for humanity, and not a second too soon. Name the game of intraspecies predation AND expose their methods, and there really is a chance to take back the planet.

Can you imagine the ripple effect of the 9/11 solution to HOW in the collective psyche? Avatar-like movie magic was used against humanity, used by the US government in an horrific act of physical and psychological war its own citizens. Millions were eye-witnesses to a crime perpetrated on the global scale to support the hoax of a war on terror and position the American military to spearhead a scheme of totalitarian control. As the USA goes, so goes the entire world. Either the entire world will become as free as the US once was, ideally and in practice, or the US will become a concentration camp in a globalist GULAG.

How would have thought that a Hollywood film using CGI magic to depict the paradisical beauty of our planet would show how the murderous criminal deceit of 9/11 was done. How it would restore perception to the reality of that terrible day! What a juxtaposition of terrestrial vision and terrorist violence! I am convinced that people in exponential numbers will be called to the cause of freedom by the 9/11 solution. With that solution now defined, so many suppressed wishes and intentions might now be put into action, and carried ahead with immense dramatic force.

Along with Neytiri, I stand in the front line of Gaian warriors bound by a sacred commitment to take out the intraspecies predators. I do not accept the vaudeville of accountability. I have no heart for the control freaks who orchestrate social evil, or their accomplices. I disagree with those who believe that such people "need healing more than harming." This naive attitude of appeasement will shatter when the worst comes our way, and the worst is yet to come. One thing you can count on with the globalist predators: whatever they can do, and now openly state they are going to do, they will do. To those who believe there is a peaceful way to defeat the orchestrations of social evil, I suggest you contemplate this proposition:

To defeat evil, see your own goodness in the mirror it presents.

There is a challenge from Matangi, Haitian voodoo queen of the Shakti Cluster.

With the 9/11 solution finally at hand, I think often of one group of people out of the countless numbers who have suffered and still suffer from those events: the friends and loved ones of the passengers on those four planes that did not crash on that day, not as the official story claims, anyway. And may never have crashed. What is going to break loose upon this world when some of those grieving people, led to believe their friends and loved ones perished on those airplanes, realize that the total of some 200 passengers on those four flights could still be alive? If they did not die in the way the official story says, might it be that they are not dead after all? What horror is that? I can even imagine what the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks might be doing with them. Why they would keep them alive. What they would use them for. Can you?

jll: 16 February - 15 March 2010 : Matangi Shift : Andalucia


Material by John Lash and Lydia Dzumardjin: Copyright 2002 - 2018 by John L. Lash.