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Lydia's Well

I am the knowledge of my inquiry
and the finding of those who seek after me.
I am the commanding intent of those who ask of me,
who grow powerful from the powers that I know,
so to become messengers, sent at my word,
in accord with the cycles of divine timing
and the inspirations of women and men
who dwell within each other.
Thunder, Perfect Mind 18.11 - 20

Begin here the calling of Lydia of Damascus, which is the calling that arises within those who attend to it, who listen and drink at the well of mystic intuition, within the sanctuary of the Divine Feminine.

[Image: something like I looked then]

Lydia's Vow

Lydia Dancing

The Throw of Dice

Ninefold Recapitulation

9: Pia, called "the Raven," Italy, late Italian Renaissance

8: Alisan de Monfaucon, Ireland-France, 10th C.

7: Lydia Dzumardjin, Persia-Anatolia-Syria-Egypt-Jordan
4th C. AD

6: Socrates, Greece, 469 - 399 BCE

5: Priam, Prince of Troy, c 1250 BCE

4. Timotheos of Naxos, Kyklades-Crete, 1900 BCE







Material by John Lash and Lydia Dzumardjin: Copyright 2002 - 2018 by John L. Lash.