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NOTE: This page presents the text and photos of Crew Notes 20 for the GNE, posted for members who did not receive it in their email due to the volume. - JLL

CREW NOTES 20 Special Edition

SEPTEMBER 16 - 18, 2012 "X Marks the Spot: Here Be Treasure"

Greetings Me Mateys,

I know that you have been eagerly anticipating CN #20 on "The Central Riddle of Correction," following the last set of notes titled "Radio Free Earth" sent out on July 11, over two months ago. Trouble not your precious minds, and go easy on the grog, there is plenty of time while sailing on the high seas to delve into mystical matters. In fact, we are due to contemplate and discuss the central riddle for some months to come. Going forward, this theme becomes the paramount topic of our concerted considerations as the mothership sails into the second half of correction. Recall how the mytheme, "the satanic face of Cetus," preoccupied our attention during 2011 and into 2012. Current and for some time to come,another mytheme "the gaze of the celestial Bull," will dominate our attention in the same manner.

As we view the human condition through the Bull's Eye, the central riddle comes into focus. And so does the solution to that riddle. The ecliptic degree of Aldebaran, marking the eye of the BULL, is 71 or 11 Gemini in the sign Zodiac. Your nav's earth stands at 12 Gemini so I may be well positioned to hold the course of our experiment to that uniquely revealing point of orientation. Aldebaran represents the directing power of divine imagination in the human psyche.

The constellation of the BULL in its totality represents the abundance of beauty and wisdom to be materialized and creatively demonstrated by the mastery of that power, the supreme erotic-esthetic talent of humankind. In essence, the BULL represents our designing powers as a species gifted with both perinoia, the ludic/pretending skill, and the luminous epinoia, divine imagination as such. How these two faculties combine and operate co-operatively in the second attention is one of the vast revelation forthcoming from this region of the sky.

This special edition of crew notes is dedicated to two aims: (1) to report recent events in the life of the nav, closely timed to the completion of Pleromic Relay, and (2) to call for volunteers in projects and investigations to initiate the second half of the GNE in a new and daring way.

These notes, written on September 16-18, the first days of the second Shodashi shift of 2012, will go out on the 18th when the sunset crescent becomes visible, close to Spica and Saturn. I invite your attention to the very unique initial conditions of this second shift, following the previous one that kicked off on August 18. Here is the relevant sequence going back to that moment:

August 17: new moon in 25 Leo (sign: ECL 145) at the head of the LION, marking the conclusion of the Bhairavi shift. Note: in this practice, each shift concludes dramatically at the moment of the new moon (invisible, non-observable) whose position in a constellation can be determined with exactitude, using an ephemeris.

August 19-20: sunset crescent shifting from LION into VIRGIN, signaling the first Shodashi shift. There was a close call here, with a slight uncertain possibility of a repeat Bhairavi shift. However, observation of the moon and subliminal streaming of the moment indicated that Shodashi was the operative dakini.

Note that the single hit of the lunar perigee in the fulcrum of the SCALES (21 Scorpio or ECL 231) occurred on August 23 during the first Shodashi shift.

At the inaugural moment of the August shift I did a telestic seance with crew member Stephanie, recently returned from ten years in India and Nepal. Consistent with telestic practice, we formulated a question to bring into the learning trance, addressed to the Wisdom Goddess directly: "What is the particular role of your sacred teacher plants now that you are deeply engaged in setting the initial conditions of correction?"

The answer flashed out bright and clear at a moment in the six-hour session: "Use the sacred plant-teachers to bring people into Beauty, and I will take it from there."

We understood this response to mean: Use these psychoactive tools EXCLUSIVELY to bring people into Beauty, with a capital B. INTO Beauty. That is the exact syntax with the nuances as we received or transceived them. As a resonant subtext we understood, "Beauty is the touchstone to the Mysteries of the emergent earth habitat for Anthropos-11. Enter the future through the passage into Beauty, by way of the portal of wonder."

September 7: Completion of Pleromic Relay, lunar apogee at 1 Gemini (ECL 61) aligned to the Pleiades, jupiter at 16 Gemini, pivotally placed between Aldebaran, marking the eye of the BULL, and El Nath, marking the tip of the northern horn of the BULL. The mothership accomplishes celestial anchoring through the spindling device of Pleromic Relay.

September 8, 08:11h UT: lunar occultation of Jupiter (Channel 16), radio silence due to upload completed; with four more occultations of jupiter to follow in 2012. Constellations implicated in the sidereal gestalt of Relay: the BULL, Perseus (Kali/Kalki with head of Medusa), Andromeda, Auriga the Charioteer (wounded Grail King), Orion the Hunter, Greater Dog with Sirius (Musa), Procyon in the Lesser Dog, linked to the celestial serpent Hydra (to be discussed).

September 16 (today, as I begin writing these notes): new moon in 24 Virgo, clearly in the LION!  Note this anomaly, a second new moon in the LION, as if we were seeing the conclusion of a Bharavi shift rather than a Shodashi shift!! I interpret this anomaly to indicate that Shodashi, working through Beauty, is seconded and reinforced by Bhairavi who remains in some manner on alert. You could say, from this moment on, that Bhairavi (the warrior aspect of Gaia-Sophia) has "got the back" of any other dakini on shift. She brings the rage, sobriety, and vigilance of the Gaian warrior to every moment ahead, now that Pleromic Relay is fully operational. Bhairavi (Sekmet, Durga, et al) protects the devotees of the Wisdom Goddess at this critical moment when the gruesome culminations of psychopathic insanity is threatening life on earth. She guards the path of Beauty.

September 18-20: Sunset crescent in the VIRGIN, signaling the second Shodashi shift. Now more than ever, Beauty leads the GNE. With a wave of protective rage not far behind!

Note these particular events in the granular detail of this moment:
1, lunar occultation of Spica on the18th, around 06 h UT (non-observable)
2, moon conjunct saturn on the 18th around 12 h UT, observable at sunset
3, lunar perigee in 8 Scorpio (ECL 218), Khambalia, the Alchemist's Star, on the 19th at 02:53 h UT. This event marks the exact midpoint of the GNE period of three years.  We are now counting down the 5th second of her time. This is also the last perigee hit in the massive constellation of the VIRGIN during the three-year period of the initialization of Sophia's Correction. An incomparable moment of divine alchemy.
4, sunset crescent conjunct MARS in the right pan of the SCALES on the 20th around 23 h UT, observable in the evening sky after sunset.

Regarding mars, note the following: mars stood at 8 Scorpio conjunct Khambalia at the moment of completion of Pleromic Relay. Mars proceeds through the SCALES in a way that anticipates the movement of saturn into that constellation. On December 21, 2012 saturn stands in 8 Scorpio at Khambalia, the limit of the VIRGIN. At the completion of the conditions of correction, saturn makes a retrograde loop at the fulcrum of the SCALES. You can say, saturn in the fulcrum of the SCALES is one omen of completion of the initial conditions of correction. We can anticipate that moment by watching the current transit of mars through the constellation: it passes the fulcrum at the moment of the fall equinox. In a few days.

We can read in the current transit of mars an omen of the increasing demonstration of warrior ethics in correction as it is reflected in external events. The direction of violent revolt, or the use of "elucidated violence" as I called it in the Kala Tantra talks on Grok, can be demonstrated in dramatic and decisive ways, going forward.

Arrgh! Not a moment too soon, I would say. I can picture civil war breaking out in the USA in April 2013. April 2013 is also the moment that alternative media mavens Gerald Celente and Max Keiser has picked for complete catastrophic breakdown of the social order in the USA.

Meanwhile, the celestial anchor continues to appear in the predawn sky, with jupiter at the pivot of the crossbar turning retrograde on Oct 5. The retrograde cycle of jupiter, 17 > 7 Gemini, culminates on January 31, 2013 when jupiter turns direct and then proceeds to repeat (on April 18, 2013) its exact position at completion of Relay. If you want to cheat a little, you can use stellarium to watch how this happens, scanning ahead day by day as you keep your eyes on jupiter in the BULL. The celestial anchor that formed in the first week of September is repeated in April 2013. We have over six months to contemplate this celestial omen.

This week you can observe jupiter sliding slowly into near-exact centering between Aldebaran on the right (west) and El Nath on the left (east). As if it were in some way tuning the anchoring antenna. Some remarkable confirmations of the GNE and relay in particular have come out in the last week. A massive eruption on jupiter, the detection of uncanny wave emanations from the galactic center, and solar anomalies noted on YT channel Suspicious Observers -- to be discussed in an upcoming nav briefing.

As I note in the audio commentary, we in the GNE have all been wondering how life might be different once Pleromic Relay is fully operational. Perhaps there have been indications of difference already, while Relay was under installment after June 16. In one aspect, and perhaps the central aspect of this issue, we dearly wish to know how events might shift to the advantage of honest and well-intentioned human animals, and to the distinct disadvantage of the intra-species predators who prey on the herd, looting and devastating the collective social order, spread murder and mayhem in all directions. Thus we are intensely wondering:
- How it might become easier to proceed and succeed in all that is right for the Anthropos, and how the evil-minded designs of the globalist predators might falter and fail.
- How the many facets of earth wisdom, reflecting the true story of humankind and its potential in Sophia's experiment, might prevail over the monolithic power of the narrative of deceit, hinged on the pernicious fiction of "jumanity," which operates as the primary buttress or bulwerk of that deceit.
- How "that luminous child" might defeat the Archons at the consummation of their power. And so forth.

In short, how might Relay manifest in our lives both privately and socially in concrete terms, events, opportunities?

For the nav there have been some notable developments over the summer, and now immediately upon completion of Relay, which could be read as indicating how events that favor the success of Sophia's experiment might now get underway, assuming concrete form, even at this fleeting moment of history, so late in the kalpa. Let me outline some of these "shift events" briefly as follows:

With the installation of Relay commencing in June, I signed with the publisher Uno Editori for an Italian translation of Not in His Image. Publishing date: December 21, 2012. Figure it.

PHOTO: cover of Non a Sua Immagine.

I have some flashy and dangerous ideas for the promotional campaign of the Italian NIHI. Needless to say, these strategies entail the worst nightmare of the Catholic Church, the coup de grace to that despicable institution which is already crumbling on a number of fronts.  Italian crew member Elena, who visited here in the summer, is lending a hand with promotion. Special thanks go to my colleague and crew member Luciano in Messina, who found Uno Editori for me.

My genial associate from Madrid, Ignacio Amaroso, who visited here in May just before installation of Relay got going, has completed half of the translation of Not in His Image into Spanish. I will proceed as I did with Luciano, assigning to a crew member who volunteers the task of sending queries to publishing houses. A simple exercise conducted by email with two attachments: a synopsis of the book, a brief bio of the author. I am calling on my team of "Spaniels," Spanish-speaking crew members, to assist in promotion and scandalization.

Thanks to Dominique Guillet of Kokopelli Seed Association, Not in His Image is available in a French-language translation as La Passion de la Terre (The passion of the Earth). This edition is self-published, of course, and selling exclusively on his site for the moment.


Now, with the book in French and Italian, and Spanish to follow, interest will grow and the power of its message will define itself in those three European countries most deeply infected by the salvationist virus of Roman Catholicism. Hence a triple whammy delivered to the messianic mafia.

A translation into Rumanian is underway, momentarily delayed by one member of the translation team resigning due to her religious convictions, and specifically her view of Christ. There are people in this world who would still make chicken salad out of roadkill, even when the bus has run over the wretched carcass a hundred times.

Not in His Image is, need I remind you, the only book ever written about the cultural and spiritual genocide of the indigenous people of Europe. When some people finally take this notion on board, we an expect to see some fireworks in the group psyche. I have incendiary plans for shock-waving the European psyche which I will discuss as they concretize... Just let me clue you to this theme: "the return of the repressed" (a phrase proposed by Herbert Marcuse).

Some of you have expressed interest in my original screenplay "SABINA," written in November 2002 in Belgium. I am happy to announce that the entire screenplay, including a foreword by my colleague/story editor Madonna McManus and an introduction by myself, will soon be available by mail order from the website Mad and I have set up: http://www.scriptophrenia.com/index.php

"SABINA" will be printed as a page-by-page facsimile of a movie script, each page corresponding to one minute of screen time. This way, those who have never read a screenplay as it is used in the filmmaking process can do so, and thus have the kick of an insider's view of movie magic. It is a great pleasure to read a screenplay, due to the speed of reading -- more like the fleet motion of snowboarding than trudging along on snowshoes, at the pace required to read a novel. And a pleasure as well to hear the dialogue spoken or read it aloud, picture how the scenes could be shot, etc. In short, the act of reading the written form of a screenplay can be vividly interactive. It is an exercise in imagination, that engages and stimulates the second attention.

Over the summer with the installation of Rely in progress, there was one key event in my life that bears strongly on the future of the GNE and the terton's legacy as a whole. Quite by chance, and without the slightest anticipation, I was  taken to see a house that has been recently completed, a property on 7.5 acres in the Serrania de Ronda. The instant I saw it, I realized what this residence and its setting could be: namely, the locale and instrument of a living dream.

On Sunday September 16, 2012, I signed a contract for a year rental on that house, to be automatically rolled over into a five-year contract with option to buy. I see it as a place destined for the gatherings of Planetary Tantra and Kala Tantra, and a landbase for the Gaian Navigation Experiment. The geomagnetic center of the Terma of Gaia Awakening. A haven of beauty for Sophia's Dreaming.

X marks the spot. Here be treasure: Ambergane House
PHOTO: Entry to Ambergane House

AMBERGANE is a word of the terton's invention meaning "where amber increases, grows, or gains." You see "amber gain" when and where human animals stand in naked awareness to witness the Organic Light, the cornucopia of planetary wisdom and divine sustenance. Telestic practice proves that the Organic Light displays the flush of amber, a soft golden melon hue of delight, in response to the presence of true humanity, the Anthropos, and humanity grows and gains stature through that incomparable encounter. Ultimately, the "gain" of this amber hue is palpable evidence of the emergence of Anthropos-11 in the last eleven minutes of the divine experiment that began with Anthropos-10.

You may recall that Castaneda noted the presence of an amber hue in those "great bands of emanations" that uniquely support organic life, contrasted to the more numerous bands that support inorganic life and the inorganic infrastructure of living worlds.

PHOTO: Entrance to Ambergane House (north-facing)

Ambergane is also the name of my personal estate, to be established as Ambergane Trust for the management of resources to maintain the treasure house so that it can serve as a place for distribution of termas. In my call for volunteers, I am still seeking assistance to set up this Trust so that revenues I currently receive from various sources can in my absence be preserved and applied to the management of this sublime venue in all its prospects. The individual who can assume the role of Executor of the Trust has yet to appear. Now there is a place for him or her to appear, in flesh and blood. That would be a requirement for getting the position.

Announcement of the GNE and Ambergane House on metahistory.org.

PHOTO: Lower Terrace of Ambergane House (south-facing). Side doors facing west open into the main salon.

The immediate purpose of Ambergane House is to gather members of the GNE for face-to-face meetings, confabs, celebrations and collaborations. Activities include spontaneous classes in Gaian Tantra, Star Base, the Kali Dice Oracle, and other tertonic material. The location is an ideal staging point for trips to Infinity Ridge, cordings in the Serrania de Ronda, excursions to the Mediterranean Sea (Costa del Sol: 35 minutes) and the Atlantic Coast (Costa de la Luz: 1h 15 m).

Second and equal to this purpose, Ambergane House can now be the locus for deployment of my personal library and archives which have been in storage for over 20 years, since I left the USA in 1991. The library consists of about 3500 books in a number of categories:

1. Comparative mythology, anthropology, ancient cultures, prehistory
2. History of religions and mysticism
3. Archeoastronomy, ancient calendrics
4. Astrology and astronomy, sky lore, precession, World Ages, the Zodiac
5. Science, physics, cosmological theories
6. Shamanism, entheogenic practices, psychonautics
7. Gnosticism and Mystery Religions, Nag Hammadi Library, Coptic language
8. Dead Sea Scrolls, origins of Christianity
9. Esoterics: alchemy, theosophy, Cabala, anthroposophy
10. Poetry and poetics, Modernism: literature and art
11. Romanticism: histories, writings, theories, literature and art
12. Art books, especially Modernist works; also primitive and esoteric art
13. Arthurian Romance, Celtic legend, Parzival and Tristan studies
14. ET and UFO studies, theories, Philip K. Dick
15. Greek and Roman Classics
16. Gaia theory, ecology, ecofeminism
17. Geology, earth sciences, natural history
18. Goddess religion, matriarchy
19. Hindu Tantra
20. Buddhism : Dzogchen, Zen, Ch’an, Mahayana
21. Biographies
The archives comprise many handwritten notebooks and research materials on stellar mythology, eonics (cosmic-historical timing), alchemy, and experimental mysticism.

PHOTO: Salon at Ambergane House, partial view, terrace doors facing south.

In accordance with the design of the House, which is spacious yet modest, the library and files will be on exhibit and accessible to handling, reading, and research, arranged in different rooms. The living space does not provide one massive area that would work as a library and research center. Ambergane House is not an institutional facility with a large hall or conference room or anything like that. Rather than a formal arrangement, the books and files are going to LIVE in the House, distributed in different rooms, including the three guest quarters. Visitors then encounter the library by roaming through the House, lingering here and there where particular sections are displayed in nooks, along walls, etc. For instance, there will be the Russian Corner next to the kitchen, where books in the Russian collection are arranged along with small commemorative shrines for beloved exemplars of the Russian genius: Sabina Spielrein, Marina Tsvetayeva, Velamir Khlebnikov.

The Star Base room, the art wall, world mythology section, biiographies, poetry and poetics, etc.  Charts and designs from the prehistory of PT and the GNE decorate the rooms and hallways. Original artwork by Kundrie, and whatever crew members and PT practitioners may wish to offer, decorate the house.

PHOTO: Mother Oak on the property at Ambergane House

Ambergane House is a private residence. It is not the headquarters of any group or institution. It is not a place to socialize loosely, or an open house for new age/interfaith lectures and festivities, like Esalen or The Omega Institute. It welcomes those who are dedicated to Gaian Tantra exclusively. ALREADY dedicated.

The terton does not reside at Ambergane House but keeps his current digs in the same region of the Serrania de Ronda. The home of the nagual could never be a proper place to receive participants in Planetary Tantra, or invite crew members for talks and discussions. Some who have been invited get violently expelled -- in plain English, thrown out. It is too remote in the psychic-emotional sense, and its moods can be daunting. There is a hard and brutal feel about it, coming straight up from the rough, stony ground. A dull electric shock pervades the air, distributing a non-local stun into the depths of your body, like a terminal ELF wave. Thistles and brambles as sharp as polished steel litter the hillside, blowing onto the terrace, and there is hardly a level place to walk. The silence is unnerving, if not harrowing, piping into the hollow of your bones. It is often strangely, inexplicably rather dark in the nagual's house, even at the height of day....

But the land around Ambergane House is soft and welcoming. The ambience of the property is strongly feminine, compared to the implacable male timbre of the terton's home. The air is breezy, lively and light. Ambergane House is sedate and secluded, nestled down in the hills like a noble Spanish duenna wrapped in her shawl. She gazes serenely through the limbs of oaks and wild olives to the mountains of Africa. A sweet haven at the epicenter of Sophia's Dreaming.

Short- and long-term visits to Ambergane House can be arranged upon invitation. I am putting out a call for a volunteer to handle visiting arrangements, a task that can largely be accomplished with Skype and email (see below, closing section). Visitors may in some instances stay at the House, with or without charge, conditions depending. There is a large kitchen for cooking communal meals. The surrounding property could accomodate a garden that would easily feed 50 people. There is room for five guests at a time. Three and a half baths. The main salon with fireplace could accomodate a maximum group of fifteen people for a talk.

Guidelines and criteria for guest visits or temporary student/assistant residence at Ambergane House will be forthcoming on metahistory.org. Details for accommodations in the area will also be provided.

PHOTO: Arboreal Nymph on the property at Ambergane House


The proposal for the terton's intention to hand over wisdom treasures at Ambergane House stands in close parallel to our ongoing engagement in the GNE, for the moment of tasking is now at hand. I am calling for volunteers in this elective adventure inspired by the Sophianic vision, with the aim of generating projects, programs, and events, including the implementation of various wisdom treasures. Specifically, I mean to say that tasking for the GNE will overlap with the handover process (to be explained in more details in forthcoming crew notes). We are managing the GNE on line, however, and handover cannot be done on line, but it can be prepared, meetings can be arranged, etc.

To start things off, I am calling for a FIRST MATE who would organize the tasking process and coordinate volunteers engaged in various projects and tasks based on the GNE. I just cannot do this organization myself, but I can oversee the teams when they are formed, up and running. The role of the first mate would be to coordinate crew members engaged in specific tasks, and each task in turn would have a monitor or overseer.

For instance, right now the task of setting up a closed forum for discussions of Channel 16 is imperative, as we want to learn how to use CH 16 now that Relay is operational. You need to be able to exchange and compare ideas of how this can be done, etc.

Other onboard tasks: collecting data on noctilucent clouds, organizing research into Reichian weather management with the aim of cloudbusting experiments at Ambergane House, making and testing the prototype of the Kali Dice Oracle. Of these tasks, some aspects would unfold at Ambergane House, while other aspects  can be conducted on line.

In keeping with this distinction, it might require a FIRST MATE to undertake organization and coordination of people involved in on-line tasks relating to the GNE, and a STEWARD to oversee and coordinate activities to be realized at Ambergane House.

So, the call is out for a first mate and steward. In a third instance, I crucially need a volunteer to arrange visits at the House, as noted above.  Call that one --- what? How about the BOSUN, the crew member who maintains the rigging? In this case, the "rigging" of the GNE is a network of human connections involving all those who will eventually show up in flesh and blood at Ambergane House. In practical terms, secretary for visiting arrangements.

In the next crew notes I will go into more detail on the particular tasks that call for volunteers. I would like to have some tasks of the GNE more or less up and running by the close of the current shift on October 15.

That's it for now. Be sure to listen to the audio commentary and goes with these notes. And cast a pirate's eye toward metahistory.org for related material and announcements.

salty regards,
your nav








Material by John Lash and Lydia Dzumardjin: Copyright 2002 - 2018 by John L. Lash.