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MANITU: Matangi, The Outcast

She Who Vanquishes Deceit

February 15, 2010 , sunset crescent above CETUS, the Ahrimanic Demon - March 15 , non-observable new moon in 354° ECL, in the sacred urn of the MANITU.

Following the shift defined by the sunset crescent in the Goatfish, indicating Kali Ma, two possibilities arise. The succeeding shift with be under Matangi, a Mahavidya, or under Nairatmya, a Diamond Sky Dakini, depending on the sighting of the lunar crescent in the constellation of the MANITU (Aquarius, the Waterbearer) or the FISHES, respectively.

Typical image of Matangi, the "Outcaste goddess," shown with a skull, a vina (musical instrument of southern India), a machete, and the writing OM on the palm of her hand. A crow sits on her right knee. She is the guardian of outsiders and misfits and favors them above the established and socially privileged folk of the world.

Unlike the other devatas who receive offerings of ripe fruit and fresh flowers, Matangi is uniquely offered leftovers and other cast-of items, things left out, usorted, unpaired socks, string to short to save, loose change. Her offerings may also include things considered to be polluted or spoiled, like spoiled food. In the Tantric sense, she represents candala the inner heat or "fire from within" that burns away all impurities, all that is inessential to the full awakening of ruthless warrior power.

For February 2010, observation of the specific conditions of the first sighting suggested that the slim crescent would move rapidly through the dim stars marking the head and shoulders of the MANITU (conversion of Aquarius, the Waterbearer). It takes forty hours for the first sliver of the moon to become visible, nearly two days after the exact moment of the new moon. But into the third day, the growing crescent shifts into the next constellation, the FISHES or Whales.

Observation in Andalucia: In mid-March the weather was extremely stormy here in southern Spain, with torrential rains that dropped the equivalent of annual rainfall in three weeks. The sky was tumultuous most evenings, making it impossible to observe the initial thin crescent sliding through the stars of the MANITU. When I got an initial glimpse of the lunar orb, it had already advanced into the constellation of the FISHES. By strict rule of observation, that would have put this cycle under the direction of the Diamond Sky Dakini, Nairatmya, also called Swan Deva.

Some initial instruction on love and the power of attraction, picked up in the dark of the moon, indicated Nairatmya might be on shift, but then came an arresting silence. The short burst of "twilight talk" ended abruptly and I found myself wondering what was in store... Then, on the sixth day of the shift, I saw the crescent positioned at about 45 degrees off the western horizon. It was nearly a half moon, too late by ordinary standards to call the overseeing devata. But something about its position made me reconsider my initial impression that Nairatmya was on shift.

Haitian Hex

Matangi is the voodoo queen of the Shakti Cluster. Her Haitian name is Erzulie Dantor, a figure loosely associated with the "black virgins" of pre-Christian lore. She is a protector of women, especially mulattos, and avenger of all who have been raped and discarded, cheated and wronged. One of the most potent female figures connected with the loas, the daimonic powers that possess human bodies as a rider seats a horse. She is also famous for being the patron witch of New Orelans.

In voodoo lore, Erzulie Dantor has strong erotic qualities, which are not lacking in Matangi, although this Mahavidya cannot be mistaken in any sense for a "fertility goddess." As I originally noted when I introduced the ten Mahavidyas, they are female deities uniquely known for their lack of soft, mothering qualities. They reject reproduction and can even inflict sterility.

Imaginatively, Matangi would be the projection of that force in human nature capable of looking into the black pit of human horror and dispelling the deceit that rises from it like choking smoke. Most people consider voodoo and zombies to be the stuff of horror films, invented to scare people, but media footage of 9/11 was a true-life horror film. The events of that day were definitely invented to scare people. Someone eloquently described the documentary evidence of 9/11 as a snuff film released to a global audience.

The cinematic kitch around voodoo gives magic a bad name, but if there is real countermagic to the evil that produced 9/11, now is the moment to recognize it. In his magnificent book, The Serpent and the Rainbow, Wade Davis shows that voodoo was the magical defense raised by the indigenous Haitians (descended from African tribes) against the French colonial predators. The record of religiously complacent, almost lackadaisical sadism in colonial Haiti belongs the list of supreme horrors ever perpetrated on this planet, definitely in the top ten with 9/11.

As voodoo was directed against the predators of the native Haitians, so it may be said that the supernatural magic of Kali is now directed against the "new world order" [read: Soviet-style world government] of the globalist psychopaths. . This is the power to avenge those who have been wronged, polluted by the toxics potions of the predators, left out and left over, discarded. Kali herself is the exterminator of behavioural clones, the archontified population living in terror of those who reign over them by victim-perpetrator collusion, the rule of deceit. But Matangi is specifically the terminator of deceit and exerminator of the deceitful, including those in complicity with perpetration of social evil, who far outnumber the originators, strategists, or masterminds. For instance, the media whores, talking heads, and shills who lavishly propagated the cover-up of 9/11. Those who to this day protest in the public airwaves, "But why would the government lie to us?", when they know better.

All the "black power" of voodoo accumulated in Haiti over centuries like a zombi toxin was symbolically released with the earthquake of January 2010. And not just symbolically. That lethal miasma of voodoo power is now in the air, on the wind, circulating the planet, infiltrating the human psyche.

Since January 2010, Haitian voodoo magic surges in an "atmopsychic" effusion around the planet. Make of it what you will. Dance with it if you can.

The Mirror of Good

The longer I remained in Haiti, and the more I learned of the voudoun society, the more impressed I was by its internal cohension. Sorcery was certainly a potent force to be dealt with, but to a great extent it had been institutionalized as a critical component of the worldview. To ask why there is sorcery in Haiti is to ask why there is evil in the world, and the answer, if there is one, is the same answer as that provided by all the great religions: evil is the mirror of good, the necessary complement that completes the whole of creation. The Haitians as much as any people are conscious of this sacred balance. (Italics added.)

I did not consciously intend to reread Wade Davis's masterpiece The Serpent and the Rainbow during the Matangi shift, but it happened so. Page after page I registered the savage beauty of that forsaken land, and then I was struck by the above cited words. I find in this citation an absolutely crucial insight into the problem of intraspecies predation, but I squarely disagree with the comment regarding the answer "provided by all the great religions." I have studied all the world religions, including Buddhism which is not, strictly speaking, religious in the same way that Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are: i.e., it is (at best) non-theistic. The answer to what evil is, unfortunately, is precisely what these religions do not provide. And Buddhism is totally non-commital on the issue of evil.

Gnostics ("those who know about divine matters") were condemned by Christian ideologues, and systematically suppressed and murdered when salvationist faith merged with Roman imperialism, precisely because enlightened intellectuals of the Mysteries such as Hypatia claimed to know what evil actually is, and detect how it operates: not as an autonomous force in the cosmos at large, but within the human mind, through the tendency of the mind to deceive itself. I have restated their elegant diagnosis often on this site and in Not in His Image. To my knowledge, there is no better case for defining the nature of evil manifested in human attitude and behavior.

I wrote in the preface to my book:

Even as a child, it seemed to me that certain forms of human behavior are incompatible with genuine humanness. This may not seem like such a radical view, since most readers would agree that some human acts are repulsive, unworthy of humanity. But I was in a terrible fix quite early in life because I was repulsed by actions and attitudes that were normally regarded as admirable—in particular, religious righteousness and moral rectitude. What the world at large considered to exemplify the best in human nature, I found quite deplorable.

The great religions are complicit in the problem of evil and falsely, gloriously justify its operations. Judeo-Christian salvationism writes a blank check of apologism for evil. In that sadistic belief system, anything is acceptable as long as it reveals God's will. A group called Beit Shalom Ministries have produced a collection of first-person testimonies on the cover-up of 9/11. The twelve-part documentary, The Birth of Treason, is pretty good on testimony from people in the know. Then comes clip 10 where the producers break in and quote Isaiah in pious tones. They spout Biblical prophecy, proclaiming that "God witnessed 9/11 and allowed it to happen." It is part of the Creator's plan to bring damnation upon those who reject HIM. It is a step on the way the judgement of apostasy.

(At some moment in the proposed spoken material on site, I want to address the odd fact that some of the better work done to expose the New World Order comes from fundamentalist Christians and their Jewish cohorts, believers in the prophetic truth and unique message of the Bible. Perhaps not so odd, after all: the NWO control freaks use the same script as those who expose them, the OT-NT salvation narrative that climaxes in messianic triumph, so it would make sense that old-timer believers are on to their plot. The difference being that the Bible-mongers hold to their own version of the endgame scenario, prefigured in the doomsday meltdown of the Book of Revelation. Whereas globalist masterminds disingenuously use that scenario for mass psychological manipulation, regardless of holding genuine belief in the power of divine judgement. The two leading factions of globalist domination, Freemasons and Jesuits, are vehemently divided on how this scenario is actually going to be played out....)

The Abrahamic faiths have nothing to tell us about evil except that it is part of God's plan, to be humbly accepted as a way of testing humanity. But Gnostics denied that good and evil could come from the same divine source. There is not an external deity who tests us, but the powers of our own minds challenge us to a test of naked discernment. We are self-condemned to evil when we fail to see how error operates in our minds. Error that extrapolates beyond the scale of correction phases into evil. It gives advantage to a paranoid force working against the symbiotic wholeness of life, a psychopathic warp that alienates humans from the innate goodness of human nature. Evil depends on deception (Greek apate in the Gnostic writings), but by the same measure, the exposure of deception is THE precondition for overcoming evil.

In the Mahavidya Matangi we may imagine a divine embodiment of the human capacity to detect and dispel deceit. She represents one of the most powerful and exceptional attributes of the human species.

As an animal gifted with imagination in a measure that exceeds any other terrestrial creature, the human being must be able to discern deceit, the destructive bent of the power of imagination, in order to assume full responsibility for using that magnificent gift correctly. Matangi is that capacity to discern the working of deceit, and as such she might rightfully be "worshipped"—a term I normally reject—because that capacity is a divine and salvific endowment as good as anything a god can confer, as mighty and magical as any god or goddess. This capacity of humankind is worthy of the highest respect, even reverence.

But the question arises, How to recognize and own that endowment so that it can be applied to defeat evil? This question takes me back to Davis's comment, which I reduce to one cogent line: evil is the mirror of good. This proposition in its succint clarity looks something like dakini instruction. But what to make of the instruction?

Imagine that you are a good person, someone without intent to harm or deceive others, and you stand before another good person of like disposition. There are two good human beings, face to face. What does each one see? Well, if you think about it, you might agree with my observation that when I see a good person, I see the goodness in that person, of that person, individually, as it stands on its own merit: I do not see a reflection of my own goodness in the other.

Now, assuming that I am a good person as well, I also hold my goodness in a unique way, in a particular moral style, you could say, as every individual does. My sense of innate goodness resonatesto the goodness of someone else who stands before me, but I do not see the reflection of my unique embodiment of goodness in another good person. No, I see the goodness of that person uniquely, and in an outstanding, distinctive way. There are so many different facets of human goodness, so many expressions of the natural benevolence of humanity summed up by the Pagan sage Marcus Aurelius: “Nature has constituted rational beings for their own mutual benefit, each to help his fellows according to their worth, and in no wise to do them harm.”

But if I do not find the reflection of my own goodness in another good person, where can I find it? According to Wade Davis, based on his deep exploration of Haitian voodoo, I can find it in the mirror of evil. Note well: if I see "my evil counterpart" in the mirror, it is not some evil in myself that I see, but the goodness in me able to detect that malefic counterpart. The operative word is detect.

Detecting the presence of evil in another human being, I do not identify myself as evil but I own the potential for deviance that could make me so. The mirroring evil is not the complement to goodness in the sense that one needs the other to exist, but the unique moral integrity of each individual needs the mirror of evil to see itself. The mirror of evil is a surface that reflects the image of one's own innate goodness, which cannot be reflected by anyone else because it is a moral property unique to the integrity of each individual.

This is how I read that cogent proposition.

The Killing Gaze

So, looking into the evil of 9/11 as a mirror, there arises the opportunity for each person to see his/her innate goodness. Quite an opportunity there. But if there is no daring to look squarely at the mirroring evil, the reflection will not be seen. I am convinced that the greatest deterrent to the 9/11 truth movement is simply that so many people cannot bear to consider that anyone could be so evil as to murder thousands of people in plain sight and lie about doing it and flagrantly use that lie to terrorize and control the witnesses to the horror committed and proceed to commit more horror. Surely, no human being can be that evil. Well, perhaps not: those who conceive and commit such evil may be considered to have abandoned their innate humanity. They do not act like human beings, creatures who feel empathy for others and respect the freedom of others, yet they are human actors, nevertheless. Such are the intraspecies predators.

Matangi carries a machete (a tool well-known in Haiti where the slaves used it for cutting sugar cane) dripping with blood. Imagine that you come home one day, eager to rejoin your family, and standing in the doorway of your house is someone holding a machete dripping with blood. Like a scene from Halloween or Friday the 13th. Imagine looking into the eyes of such a person. Holding the gaze of such a person. Now imagine that you have looked into the eyes of such people on the television screen or in magazines, well-known people who are entrusted to lead and serve society. Imagine that you might stand in the physical presence of such a person, holding their gaze.

The intraspecies predators who conceived and commited the 9/11 attacks, and are doing still worse as I write these words, and planning still worse again, belong to the class of sociopaths and psychopaths known as serial killers. It is extremely rare to catch a serial killer in the act of murder. These predators are stealthy and evasive. They are fond of long and elaborate exercises in plotting and deceit. To catch such killers, detectives must enter their mind set and track the calculations of murderous insanity, one tricky step at a time. Serial killers love to play games both with their victims and those who hunt them, take real pleasure in murder, gloat over their successes, and disguise their actions in clever codes, double talk, and arrogant deceit. Likewise for the globalist masterminds, point by point. They are no different than serial killers. One astute commentator on globalist scheming, G. Edward Griffin (The Creature from Jekyll Island), calls the perpetrators of murder and mayhem "the predator class." He says they are murderous criminals, power freaks who deeply enjoy what they do, who would be in prison were they not in government or appointed to advise those who govern and implement their policies through the chain of relegated authority. That is a perception from someone who has looked fairly steadily into the mirror of evil.

Matangi is one of the Mahavidyas said to confer the power to kill with a look, quaintly misunderstood in folklore as the "evil eye." But could there also be an eye against evil? A killing glance to take down the intraspecies predators? If there is some kind of evil magic dominating the planet, as the growing perception around 9/11 seems to indicate, where is the countermagic?

I sound a strong alert not to attribute a "lethal weapon" of magical or occult power to the globalist criminal elite without allowing that honest, kind, well-intentioned people hold the counterpart, occult power to oppose and defeat their game.

To reach the power of the killing gaze, look steadily, nakedly, honestly into the mirror of evil until you see your innate goodness reflected there. The mirror itself confers that killing power. There is "sacred balance" (as noted by Wade Davis) in how evil contributes to the recognition of the good: to be precise, self-recognition. We do not need evil to be good as human beings, but if it is there, presented to us, mirrored in our own species, its presence can support recognition of the goodness unique to each individual of the self-same, high-risk species. This recognition is a supreme and sacred commitment that cannot be sustained, I would guess, without a divine or superhuman referent to offset the daimonic psychological inflation it can induce. Matangi is such a referent. She would be the supernatural fail-safe that allows the human mind to see as evil sees without succumbing to self-deception.

The eighteen power-nodes of the Shakti Cluster are human capacities, siddhis of occult potency, conferred by Gaia into the transpersonal life of those who call her attention and hold her gaze. The devatas and dakinis are conscient nodes of Gaia awakening, flashpoints of lucid dreaming at which she identifies and recognizes individual characters who enact her dream by consistently showing up in it. Her co-witnesses in a massive surge of planetary awakening.

There is no viable solution to the problem of evil in human behavior without an intimate supernatural connection to the planetary mother animal.

jll: 15 March 2010 last day of Matangi shift : Andalucia

Material by John Lash and Lydia Dzumardjin: Copyright 2002 - 2018 by John L. Lash.