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The Great Deception - Part 3

Love and the Supernatural

First posting of 2017.

My commitment: To hand over the tools that enable you to recognize and handle the power of the Supernatural, and to show the M.O., modus operandi, of the World Mother as she accomplishes her Correction by hacking into the first attention of the human species. Along the way, I might dally around and take out Christianity and Buddhism, just for the fun of it.

Reprise: I am not explaining the Great Deception, as if I could tell you how Satan is deceiving the world in his attempt to defeat the Father God and bring humanity under his evil reign. No, I am demolishing the illusion of the Great Deception. Note the difference.

Dostoevsky placed humanity in the middle in the battle between GOD and SATAN, and many Christians would agree on the set-up he envisioned:


But that set-up is wrong, and there is no solution for it, no way out from the self-delusion that entertains such a proposition. The proposed gnostic alternative is:


Resuming from Part 2:

Psychic Reflux

The presumption of evil demons as well as the hallucinated effect of such presumed evil entities who prey on human animals, can be compared to acid reflux in the digestive system: it operates in the psyche due to psychological indigestion, you could say. Demons who torment people are biopsychic reflux entities, arising in the mind and emotions when the impact of the Supernatural is not detected for what it actually is: the mind recoils and produces a phantom or demonic figure to account for what the individual subject fears or dreads. The same effect can occur regarding what a believer idealizes, i.e., angels rather than demons.

In short, demons and angels alike are imaginary eruptions of psychic indigestion. Due to the power of human imagination, however, these psychic entities can actually materialize -- they congeal due to the fixative of fear. Such phantoms have been reported as real, independently existing entities through the ages. A Dover bookin my collection has 240 woodcut illustrations of demons.

The congealed phantom or materialized hallucination can be compared to vomit and bile expelled from the digestive system. The projectile vomiting in The Exorcist presents a brilliant visual metaphor for the emission of psychic phantoms.

Compare this explanation to Wilhelm Reich (The Mass Psychology of Fascism): Both mystical and militant pathologies arise from the inability of the individual to support organ-sensations, especially those which carry a strong sexual or hedonic charge. Christian fears of Satan propagate demonic torture in place of delight. The high camp of Ken Russell's film The Devils (1971), based on The Devils of Loudon by Aldous Huxley, is an appropriate style for the polluted atmosphere of the Christian mindset. Puritanical prurience and rejection of carnal delight easily warp into parodies of gross orgiastic Pagan sensuality, a cinematic cliche of long standing.

The Devils YT clip. I do not advise watching this film unless you have a strong stomach. It is horribly grotesque and hilarious by turns. The scene of witch torture makes The Exorcist look like a Mickey Mouse cartoon. Ken Russell at his most outrageous. Totally camp, of course, but that's Christianity at its finest.

The preacher's daughter always makes the best schoolyard slut, right. Look at Jessica Simpson, "born on July 10, 1980, in Abilene, Texas. She is the first child of Tina Ann (née Drew), a homemaker, and Joseph "Joe" Simpson who worked as a minister. Simpson has a younger sister, Ashlee Simpson. She was raised in the Christian faith. Simpson's father gave her a purity ring at the age of 12, and Simpson has often stated that she remained a virgin until marriage." Result:

The signature of the supernatural is Beauty, but that is not what you see in Jessica Simpson. It is not surprizing that pop stars who parade as erotic icons cause rumors of demonic possession (e.g., Beyoncc / Sacha Fierce) although it is likely they accept and even spread such rumors for the purpose of upholding their careers by sensationalism. The point is, Jessica Simpson represents an example of the Christian toxic projection of sexual beauty that appeals in a culture drainwashed by Puritanism. She displays the perverse mix-up of demonic and delightful which arises as a reflux due to inability absorb the impact of the Supernatural.

In short, in the Christian mindset, demonic possession is an infrapsychic projection from the tormented psyches of those who reject both natural AND supernatural beauty.

The Supernatural continually impacts the human body and excites the sense organs, just as nature does in producing an array of sense-impressions, of sight, taste, smell, sound, hearing. Extrasensory impressions have the same source as normal sensory impressions. Impressions streaming from the proximate zone of the Nagual (6/5) may be called intrasensory. They arise within the senses with no sign of being produced by external stimuli. Example: I hear a bird sing, I look around and see it perched in a tree, thus I identify the source of the aural impression. By contrast, when I detect a paranormal or infrasensory impression with no identifiable source, either externally or internally, if I do not disregard it, I may immediately project an imagined source upon it, an angelic or demonic agent, etc.

The 6/5 Interface

To discern the crucial trick in how this projection reflex works, you have to translate this part of the 10D formula:

< 6/5 > 4

At every moment you exist in the 4th dimension, the present moment. Biopsychic impressions that do not come to you through the three dimensions of space which display the surrounding outer world, must come from somewhere else, be sensed as arising somewhere else. The present moment is the perpetual dwellpoint of your first attention, and the extra-sensory impressions (demonic, angelic) rise to that point due to its contingency with 6/5, the psychic realm: the moment NOW is like a dimple on the lens covering this zone, and your first attention seats in that depression (4). Dimensions 6 and 5 designate your inner life, the twilight zone of memory, dream, reverie, fantasy, mental picturing and creative imagination. The Supernatural continually impacts you through these dimensions, paranormally, just as it does externally in normal sensory awareness. The reflux happens when you cannot detect the source of the infra-sensory input, so your imagination reacts and fabricates an entity to explain it.

Call such entities arising in a reflux from D6, psychoid phantoms, or psychic fictions. Similar entities arising from D5 are abstract phantoms, such as the Higgs bosun, black holes, curvature of space, and many other quackademic scientific terms.

The hidden supernatural (paranormal, occult, etc) activities of dimension 5 interface and interact with your first attention, your capacity to observe, count, reason, organize. The same kinds of activities of dimension 6 interface and interact with your second attention, your capacity to remember, dream, and imagine or fantasize. Dimension 7 interfaces and interacts with the third attention, the mirroring attention (illustrated below) which directs enigmatic processes of parity, mirroring, doubling, mitosis, and bilocation.

To handle the Supernatural, you have to learn how the three attentions work, you experiment with them and verify what you learn, so that eventually you can recognize how the Supernatural impacts you operating from those higher dimensions, and you allow it to do so. Details of such co-dynamics between higher dimensions and your ordinary faculties would have to be reserved for other treatments of the Supernatural.

A dimension is simply a framing device, a lens or scaffolding. The mysterious power that produces the totality of framing structures of the Universe is called Mahamaya.

Other considerations: Distinguish human imagination and divine imagination. Divine imagination can actually materialize, such is the power of Aeonic Dreaming. But human imagination cannot materialize except in the approximate form of what might be called psychic congelation. Again, the frigid atmosphere of the child's bedroom in The Exorcist presents a graphic metaphor for the way fear provides the atmosphere in which palpable demonic forms can congeal.

The Satanic Cabal

To return to the Great Deception widely discussed by Christians. (Note that Muslims also have their own version of the G.D. centered on the figure of the Islamic antichrist, Al-Masih ad-Dajjal, the false deceiver, or even Allah himself.) The Great Deception carries two highly charged meanings: first, it indicates the confrontation between Satan and God, with humanity caught in the middle, and second, it indicates the way Satan preys upon and tricks humanity in his attempt to win the match. Hence it comprises the themes of confrontation and trickery, with the implication that Satan's victory is tantamount to human damnation.

Christians who sincerely believe they are exposing the tactics of Satan, intended to subvert faith and overthrow the authority of the Father God, are in reality acting out the ultimate trick of Satan. To convince you that he does not exist? No, to convince you that he does exist. The phantom in your mind convinces you it is a real and objective entity, independent of you -- that is core of the Great Deception, the root delusion. But it gets even better. Every attempt the Christian makes to explain the Satanic game of deceit enmeshes him or her more deeply in that deceit.

The hallmark of terminal capture in the Great Deception is the absolute conviction of knowing how it works.

The Great Deception is a psychic trap constructed by the human mind due to its illusional concepts of the Supernatural. But the real trap into which humanity can fall and perish is the blindspot that prevents direct detection of the enemies of life.

Now, contrast the imagined war of cosmic good versus cosmic evil to the entire field of operations of manifest evil in the social world of the human species. The alien supernatural factor, the Archontic intrusion, does not itself make people commit evil. Rather, it infiltrates the human mind with deceit that leads to evil. It introduces error which, left undetected and uncorrected, extrapolates beyond the scale of correction. Only human beings can commit evil -- that is a principle of Gaian ethics. But they can do so under the influence of alien mind parasites whose methods are insidious and far-reaching. Jews who commit social evil, say, by theier self-admitted act of "corrupting the Goyim," are archontically infected due to a neural hack. They qualify as parasites as much as predators.

As explained in Not in Hs Image, The Abrahamic religions are both the evidence and instrument of Archontic deviance. Salvationist ideoloogy is a "foreign installation" (Castaneda) in the human mind, an Archontic implant. Religion is necessary so that good people can be lead to do bad things, and also justify them.

The gnostic treatment of the Great Deception does not require working out how the Satan of Christian faith is tricking the world. The Satan of Christian faith, -- pictured with horns hooves, and bat wings, etc, as Baphomet, etc -- is a psychic phantom without literal, physical existence or abode. But a satanic cabal does actually exist in the social order on earth. As a rule, those who become obsessed with the fictive scenario of the Great Deception look beyond human affairs and do not see what is unfolding right in front of their eyes. Even though their own scripture (Revelation 3:9) warns them about a "Synagogue of Satan," the majority of believers cannot identify who runs that institution.

Adolph Hitler used the term "satanic cabal" to indicate a specific group of people who connived with evil intent against German society and the Germany people in the time and setting where he lived. The same term can be applied today on a global or planetary scale. The so-called globalists are a satanic cabal working against the rest of humanity. "Globalist" is a disingenuous code term for what Henry Ford called "the international Jew," whom he considered to be the foremost problem in the world. George Soros, for example, is an international Jew who has no allegiance to any particular country or culture.

Yes, there is a supernatural factor working through some particular malevolent Jews, and through the insidious ploy of "the Jewish cause" -- the Archons. The satanic cabal is the social-historical instrument of an other-worldly intrusion, but it could not operate at all without human proxies. The Gnostic Warning could not be more clear: Irenaeus Against Heresies, Book One, Ch 30, section 10:

Ialdabaoth himself chose a certain man named Abraham from among the nations, and made a covenant with him, to the effect that, if his seed continued to serve him, the Archons would give to them the earth for an inheritance. Afterwards, by means of Moses, Ialdabaoth brought forth Abraham's descendants from Egypt, and gave them the law, and made them the Jews.

Recognize the agents of the satanic cabal and their agenda, and you come to see the "Great Deception" in an entirely different light. It is not a master scheme of deceit perpetrated upon humanity by a supernatural agency, although it might as well be so. Rather, it is the subterfuge of the satanic cabal who hide their agenda and conceal their intentions with misinfo, disinfo, lies, and propaganda, who masquerade as white while pushing genocide against the white races. This feat of deception is an identifiable historical program, not a supernatural contest. It can be exposed and opposed as such, on existential grounds.

Seeing the demonic intrusion operated by certain malovelent Jews, contrasted to the genuine divine intervention of the Aeonic Mother, is the gnostically directed "double vision" of this time, this moment.

Egoic Lensing (covered in Part 2)



The Great Deception is the illusion of being caught in a battle between GOOD and EVIL, God and Satan (or the Devil, or Lucifer). I am not resolving the battle, I am dissolving the illusion that there is one in the first place.

The gnostic teacher corrects error: This massive and ultimate deception is not a game of deceit that Satan uses to entrap and possess humanity, thus defeating the plan of the creator god – rather, it is a delusion about a conflict of cosmic powers that does not exist in reality but comes into play as an inner drama in the mindset in people in conflict with themselves. And out of that tormented mindset, the power of human imagination produces demons.

The Christian mindset itself spawns all the demons in the Satanic legion – except one special set of demons, Archons. The Great Deception of Christianity, wrongly defined as God battling Satan for the fate of humanity, is actually a con that Christians work on themselves. It is the overruling delusion that Christians perpetrate on themselves due to their ignorance of the true nature of the Supernatural. This SELF-deception is great and ultimate, truly so, because it is a delusion anchored in the deepest strata of the human psyche where the entire fabric of human reality can be undone, disrupted, and rendered into madness. It is great and ultimate because when it dissolves, the Christian faith loses its foundations. It collapses. It is close to collapse at the moment I write these words.

Those who cannot accept the collapse of Christian faith and move on to other options for a spiritual or religious worldview will walk among the population as broken and insane animals, paranoid schizophrenics with delusions of grandeur who believe they understand the spiritual crisis facing humanity better than anyone else. In reality, they are the front-line casualties of that crisis. Such people are the debris swept away when a massive mental breakdown occurs in the species, and genuine spiritual outlook comes to definition on the horizon, beyond the toxic cloud of the Apocalypse.

"Either you are party to my supernatural magic, or you are rubble." Kali's instruction, August 2008

There is a clear option beyond Christianity and all religions: Sophianic animism. Freedom from religion is THE imperative for a safe and sane future on this planet. Not freedom of worship, adhering to whatever religion you are conned into following, but freedom from religion itself. Consider that prospect. Contemplate that option. Take it into your mind as you would take a huge blast of fresh air into your lungs.

Gnostic Sabotage

When the moment comes for the true nature of the Supernatural to be revealed, Christianity collapses and the Great Deception ends. Christian faith is a key component of the deception it purports to expose. The defeat of Satan and the end of Christianity are two aspects of the same event. So, I predict the collapse of Christianity. Or do I?

I am not a prophet and I don't predict. Better to say, I see the collapse of Christian faith and dogma, including the scenario of apocalyptic expectations, coming up fast, and I have high confidence in what can follow that collapse, in what can come next. I see the collapse as a certainty, mainly because I would be the principal agent in making it happen. So I alone would take down Christianity? Is that my claim? No way. I have a troupe of human allies working with me, and I draw upon the power of the Aeonic Mother to accomplish what no human animal can do without sharing power with the earth.

Christianity is coming down due to harboring the seeds of its own destruction which have been incubating for 2000 years, and many people are abandoning it, leaving the faith due to the simple realization that it does not work either at the metaphysical or moral level. I am simply the anti-Christian terrorist who sets off the bomb I planted when I wrote NIHI.

Coup de grace of patriarchy, tick. Been there, done that. But the death of patriarchy is not the end of Christianity. It is just the beginning of the end. The world did not take much note of what I did in Not in His Image by exposing the Zaddikim and eviscerating theocratic pretences, and still does not. But the demise of Christianity may turn out to be spectacular and impossible not to notice. And if that happens I may get the credit due to me after all.

Arrogant of me? No more arrogant than a thousand and one fools who think they are telling you how Satan deceives the world in his program to defeat God and possess humanity. Anyone who tells you they are explaining the Great Deception is caught in it, you can be sure of that. I am not explaining it, I am disspelling the construct to be explained. Therein resides my confidence which I invite you to make your own. Pistis Sophia: the confidence of wisdom.

The mytheme of the GD is inescapable. Why? Because the massive majority of human animals believe in a divine agency that operates in world events as in personal life. They are theists, contrasted to deists who believe that the creator god does not intervene in creation. Athiests and agnostics reject this belief as unfounded, nonsense, or stupid. As superstition. Atheism is a superstition in disguise: it conceals the superstitious belief that matter is inert, without mind or feeling.

Bodhisattva Memes

Divine intervention is one of the top five mythemes produced by the human species. The need to believe in God comes from a craving to reach the Supernatural in reality, in a direct and sensuous way, not merely through belief. But paradoxically, belief diverts the craving and blocks contact with the Supernatural.

Is there an event of divine intervention happening on this planet, right now? Yes, there is. It has been developing intensely for about eight years now, by one reckoning, the short-term reckoning. Or going back to around 1750 by a different, long-range reckoning. The current event is comparable to the intervention of Sthevara (“immobile, solid”) at the moment of Siddharta's enlightenment. This comparison is extremely vivid and pertinent. As Siddharta became Buddha due to the intervention of Sthevara, so humanity itself becomes enlightened due to the intervention of Sophia. The proof of that enlightenment is the Maitreya who appears at that moment in Correction when the Aeonic Mother gains agency. The Maitreya is a process, not a person. Specifically, it is the process of enactment and verbal expression of the Bodhisattva qualities and insights that can be attained by the human animal. Bodhisattva memes, you could say.

You can demonstrate the authentic expression of Bodhisattvic qualities and insights falsely attributed to certain individuals alleged to be enlightened -- Buddha Boy, Khandro-La, to name just a couple. (Note: I regard David Spero as the only genuine case of enlightenment known to the world at large today.) Would-be Maitreyas are numerous right now. You can find YT clips explaining how to distinguish a false master from a genuine, enlightened one. Fair enough. But you can only recognize the Maitreya through the realization that you are IT. It's a reflective realization. A mirroring event.

I call the qualities, gestures, and insights of the Maitreya Bodhisattva memes, to signal you that they propagate mimetically (now fashionably spelled, memetically). Not by mindless repetition, however, but through a mirroring process in which each human person reflects enlightenment to others, one person at a time. Consequently, those who enter the Maitreya Process will tend to say the same things and make the same observations, but each time they do so, it will be expressed as an original act.

Buddhists don't pay much attention to the earth-touching mudra. It is however a precedent of the current intervention. Likewise, Christians don't generally know that Melchizedek, an archontic clone or transhumanist replica, is behind Christ. As for Islam – my observation is this: The faithful adherent to Islam is the one who knows almost nothing about its precepts or practices. To follow Islam, you are required to know as little about it as possible. This requirement is successful because it fits the mentality of the racial groups that embrace Islam. The massive "Arab" racial group, for instance, registers an IQ level that hovers around 80 and below. This IQ level is termed "dullard" in psychological profiling. Such people do not want to learn and are too stupid to learn.

As for the Jews, some of them now consider themselves the god race, the master race that seeks to direct history according to an agenda of deceit, division, and domination. The machinations of 3-D social evil directed by particular malevolent Jews carry forward an ongoing intervention inspired by the archontic powers. The Correctin of Sophia is an adversarial event that frontally opposes and defeats the Jewish program -- widely evident in the theater of world events today as Communism.

How Deep is Your Love?

Who intervenes for the good of humanity, and how does the divine power at the source of the intervention operate? What is the m.o. of divine intervention underway right now? Can you imagine such an event? Can you let your mind go there and stay sober with the idea?

If it can happen AND be comprehended, this event cannot be reached by faith but only by Gnosis. But also by love. It takes love to learn how the Supernatural works in the world and in your own life.

Love and the Supernatural operate on the same frequencies. -- Second instruction of the Diamond Sky Dakinis: The Terma of Gaia Awakening

"How deep is your love?" Deep enough for this challenge? "I really want to know." Is that the line you remember? Or is it, "I really mean to learn"? Why are there two different lines in those lyrics? Why is the same line remembered differently by different people? Do you really want to know about divine intervention, here and now? In that case, you can take your ideas from someone who knows but they will still not be your ideas. Or do you really mean to learn? In that case, you can learn from someone who knows, so that the ideas become your own, original to you, innate. The difference in the two lines from a cringeworthy disco hit of the 1970s points to the nature of Gnosis. It tricks your mind to compare ordinary learning, which consists of adopting the ideas of others who claim to know, with the gnostic experience of knowing from the innate, from your own inner resources.

All I can teach you now is what you innately CAN know, not to be confused with what you already DO know, or might think you know. What you CAN know resides inactively in the innate and has to be primed, as a well pump is primed by filling it with a little water to get it started drawing water from the depths of the well.

My self-assigned mission as a Gnostic teacher comes to final fruition and completion in the eleven months of the superlearning event now underway: October 2016 - November 2017. After that, I go to the beach. The ocean has been beckoning me for quite a while now. The low murmur of a mother, calling to her prodigal son.

jll : 21 October 2016 Andalucia - 15 January, 2017 Flanders


Material by John Lash and Lydia Dzumardjin: Copyright 2002 - 2018 by John L. Lash.