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The Great Deception - Part Two

Handling Supernatural Power

Gnostic Orientation to Human Evil and Demonic Powers

These notes with associated talk present the follow-up to the first talk on The Great Deception.

That initial talk highlights the meeting of Melchizedek with Abraham as an example of divine intervention -- a freak event, or anomalous case. Anamou occurs significantly in the Greek Coptic writings by allusion to the Archons. Note that the meeting is described twice in Genesis, chapters 17 and 18.

The Biblical legend of Abrahman's meeting with "three angels" has been widely treated in world art, including Jewish material illustrating the Torah. This legend stands as evidence of a singular, outstanding case of an alien supernatural force breaking into human reality. Why? Because it is the originating event that triggered a series of developments leading to the demonc intervention operating across the world today. Repeat: it represents a process of demonic intrusion tangibly evident in the course of history and persisting in current events, manifesting in ways that are unlike any other such presumed intrusion. As such this event deserves special attention, scrutiny, and evaluation. A correct gnostic view of the Melchizedek incident is the primary mental requirement for learning how to detect and engage supernatural powers, right here, right now.

In this and all subsequent instruction on the Supernatural, one assertion stands alone and above all other considerations: To handle the issue of supernatural powers in the human world, you must recognize two exceptional cases: a demonic intrusion ongoing throughout history and currently playing out its endgame, and a genuine and novel divine intervention underway since March 2011. The former is the Archontic intrusion, the latter is the divine intervention of planetary Aeon Sophia, called Correction.

You cannot see one without seeing the other. You cannot participate consciously in Correction without facing the Archontic intrusion. Strange as it may sound, the so-called "Mandela Effect" brings attention directly and frontally to the alien demonic intrusion, putting it "in your face", as it were. In gnostic terms, the bizarre phenomenon of the Mandela Effect would preferably be called the Correction Effect.


The Supernatural (capital S), equivalent to Nagual, equivalent to the Paranormal, is

the totality of extrasensory phenomena of the natural world co-emergent and co-operative with the sensory and psychic activities of the human animal.

In other words, the Supernatural is the extension of the natural world with the "inner life" of the human animal included as an aspect of nature as well. It comprises those dimensions which support and produce all natural phenomenon, the appearance of the human species on earth, as well as the appearance of the earth itself, AND it includes the psychic life of the human animal in the full spectrum of natural events. The Supernatural is the saturation of the natural world by a field of biopsychic forces.

Digression on ecopsychology, referencing The Course in Gaian Alchemy given in Santa Fe in the 1980s. "Putting psyche in its habitat."

The appearance of the planet before your eyes is a supernatural event. The primary mark of the Supernatural is beauty.

If the Supernatural is embedded within the natural world, the realm of the senses, then one way to approach it is to deepen your perception of nature. The foundation practice along these lines, which ought to be known to every sane person, was introduced by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the German Romantic and naturalist.

Goethe, The Scientist by Rudolf Steiner

Goethe, The Metamorphosis of Plants

The Wholeness of Nature by Henri Bortoft (heavy going but brilliant)

Goethe on Science by Jeremy Naydler (ed. anthology)

Goethe's method is usually called "intensive observation." Which may also be called infrasensory observation. He himself called it das lebendige Anschauen der Natur, "the living imaginal beholding of Nature".


10 : 9 - 8 = [ 7 ] < 6/5 > 4 | 3 - 2 - 1

There are 10 dimensions in the totality of all events unfolding in all galaxies in the Universe. If you wish to suppose there are more, you might be right but you cannot verify that supposition unless you first access directly and master the structure of the 10 dimensions shown here in a simplific linear formula. From the ultimate view, reading left to right, there is only ONE all-encompassing dimension, an infinite flat plane called Laya, also called Parasamvit, the ground state of infinite awareness, with NINE other dimensions fractally reflected off it.

Picture an unbounded flat sheet of obsidian stone with dewdrops on it, and entire array of world systems reflected in these dewdrops. These droplets are called Brahmandas "Brahma eggs", in Vedic cosmology. The world-systems are globular, and the planets arising within them are as well, but the Universe in its totality is flat.

The ratio 10 : 9, also expressed 1 :: 9, is a structural formula for the fractal internesting of the totality of cosmic events including activities of the human mind, psyche, and imagination. As such, it applies both to space and time. The internesting of time described by the 1 :: 9 formula has been preserved in Tantric lore about Kali, who is said to be the 10th, mother element or cosmic matrix encompassing 9 dimensions of time. Kali is a name for the supreme agency of time that both maintains and dissolves the illusion of linear time. Which, by the way, is not strictly an illusion but a provisional frame that makes it possible for planetary experiments to develop in novel ways under the observation of the Aeons who originate those experiments, and track them "in real time" from the 9th dimensional perspective outside of human time.

10 : 9 - 8 = [ 7 ] < 6/5 > 4 | 3 - 2 - 1

Read from right to left, the formula places the human creature on earth in the 10-dimensional complex in this way: You inhabit three dimensions of space (3 - 2 - 1) and 1 dimension of time (4), openly manifest in the natural setting, and intra-psychically you inhabit dimensions 5 and 6, interfacing 7. The human animal naturally inhabits four dimensions and interfaces with three more. The limit of the planetary mind is 7 dimensions: the solar system is a seven-dimensional event. Galactic structure and dynamics extends to 9 dimensions, and the encompassing frame of the Universe (multi-galactic) comprises the 10th dimension.

Many natural, psychic, psychological, paranormal, and supernatural phenomena can be explained in a simplific and elegant way usiong this model or paradigm. Mastering this paradigm insures that you learn what is sufficient to go beyond it, IF there is any way to go beyond it -- IF. Any attempt to go beyond it before mastering it would be like an attempt to play, say, a suite of classical guitar music before learning the fingerwork for individual chords.

Egoic Lensing

It takes a method of deepen perception through the fields of given sensorial impressions and reach into the proximate dimensions of the Supernatural (6/5). Shamans have traditionally used psychoactive plants to reach this level of perception -- variously called extrasensory perception, ESP, paranormal activity, heightened awareness (Castaneda).

As you function normally, you are designed with the disposition to create a social world, a system constructed by mutual effort and collaboration with other human animals. The social order so constructed then becomes the theater-like test-setting for novel aspects of the divine experiment in which the human genome develops, within the confines of the planetary laboratory. But social order cannot be constructed if the members of society are continually impacted by the Supernatural, both from without and within. Hence, the Aeons have designed the anthropine species with the filter device of egoic lensing so that attention can be given to the social order free of the constant and highly fascinating influx from the Supernatural.

Conclusion of spoken commentary for text so far. Continues in the talk and text for The Great Deception - Part Three: ]

jll : 21 October 2016 Andalucia


Material by John Lash and Lydia Dzumardjin: Copyright 2002 - 2018 by John L. Lash.