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The Art and Method of Forensic Astronomy

Representation in Modernist style of the Manitou and the Goatfish

Starry regards to aspiring celesticians and everyone else inclined to listen, including those who live in the time I record these talks, or in the time to come... JLL

NOTE: In this system you are using Constellational images, comprising the Stellar Zodiac or Real Sky Zodiac, observable in the night sky. Not to be confused with the tropical Signs (conventional sunsign astrology), or the sidereal format of "Western fixed star astrology," or the format of the Hindu/Vedic schools, or the twelve-unit quasi-stellar format of Astrosophy.

The Stellar format is the graphic data display for STAR BASE, uniquely developed by JLL from 1974 onward and represented in the Rimsite model of the Zodiac. See Quest for the Zodiac.



September 11, 2015

CT 18 audio


October 1, 2015 - April 1, 2016: six months

April 1, 2016 - July 1, 2015: three-month follow-up with competence trail

Limited to 15 trainees.

Objective: Certification to practice StarBase consultations on the condition that 20% of all fees earned goes to Ambergane Trust.

Qualifications: Basic competence in astronomy, deep interest in mythology and human biography. Willingness to both learn and develop the new science of psychology (wisdom of euphanes) describing the properties and laws of the human psych. Time to undertake these studies.

Price of course: $150/m X 6 + $100 for manual/printed materials in pdf format Total: $1000 Payments monthly. You may quit the Course at any time, no refunds. Option to pay on a sliding scale, what you can afford. Those who have not paid the full fee by July 1 may make up the payments from a percentage of the fees they receive for StarBase consultation -- IF they are certified to do so.

PROCEDURE: During the first six months, I provide lessons in StarBase view email, recorded talks, and Skype. There will be a closed forum for discussions among trainees, which I will also use as a teaching platform. I will present a selection of biographic examples -- Walt Whitman, Isadora Duncan -- to be considered by all trainees over the six-month training period. In the trial period each celestian will chose a biographic example for the "dissertation".

Related activities: # Basic manual, the student trainee package with the full syntax of 13 constellations, and more in development, is ready to distribute in electronic format. JLL periodically provides updated versions. # Overseer has distribution list for emailing all trainees. JLL emails to Overseer and she mails to the list. We develop the professional delivery system for consultations. Intellectual rights insured, register of SB auditors authorized by JLL, long-term franchising, etc. # Questions for JLL can be treated in periodic recordings, rather than by individual written responses. # Tech advisor handles the software: Star Base with graphic print-out, and Lunar Apsides (natural or interpolated positions). # Coordinator/ manager/admin of celestics.org works with overseer and JLL on internet delivery platforms. # Building the inventory -- this ongoing task has to be structured, using an internet facility that allows input from all team members # Biographic inventory, an advanced project eventually to be managed by an archivist. Compares to the homeopathic materia medica.

In the final three months, I will evaluate the "dissertation" of each trainee, consisting of graphics, text, and a recorded analysis (75 minutes) of a chosen biographic subject, a famous person. In other words, everyone has to choose an individual subject among known historical examples.

Additionally, I will require a recorded report on the StarBase of each trainee (60 minutes), reading their own endowment, using the format and method to be taught.

By July 1, there will be a StarBase FB page and other on-line facilities for promoting StarBase and possibly ASB, astrology for StarBase. Trainees who receive certification can begin to consult professionally for a fee.



§ PAGE 3: Begun February 8, 2014

CT 15 Working the Inventory - February 8, 2014

CT 16 Inventory I - Constellational Boundaries - February 14, 2014

PDF of Boundaries currently in revision!!!

CT 17 Biographic Empathy - February 25, 2014

§ First Q and A on questions submitted by students - February 27, 2014

CT 18 The Future of Astrology (Announcing Celestics Training) - September 11, 2015


§ PAGE 2: begun January 25, 2014

CT 8 The Worst of It: January 25, 2014

CT 9 Asuramaya's Game: January 26, 2014

CT 10 Conversion to Star Base: January 28, 2014

CT 11 Designing the Constellations: January 28, 2014

CT 12 Standing With the Sky - January 30, 2014

CT 13 The Planetary Vision Quest - February 1, 2014

CT 14 Archontic DOS in the Solar System - February 2, 2014


§ PAGE 1: begun January 11, 2014

CT 1 Celestics - Forensic Astronomy: January 11, 2014

CT 2 Quest for the Zodiac: January 13, 2014

CT 3 The Real-Sky Zodiac: January 14, 2014

CT 4 Signs and Constellations: January 14, 2014

CT 5 The Language of Destiny: January 21, 2014

CT 6 Astrological Schools: January 23, 2014

CT 7 The Challenge of Star Base: January 24, 2014


Material by John Lash and Lydia Dzumardjin: Copyright 2002 - 2017 by John Lash.