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The Art and Method of Forensic Astronomy

Representation in Modernist style of the Manitou and the Goatfish

Starry regards to aspiring celesticians and everyone else inclined to listen, including those who live in the time I record these talks, or in the time to come... JLL

NOTE: In this system you are using Constellational images, comprising the Stellar Zodiac or Real Sky Zodiac, observable in the night sky. Not to be confused with the tropical Signs (conventional sunsign astrology), or the sidereal format of "Western fixed star astrology," or the format of the Hindu/Vedic schools, or the twelve-unit quasi-stellar format of Astrosophy.

The Stellar format is the graphic data display for STAR BASE, uniquely developed by JLL from 1974 onward and represented in the Rimsite model of the Zodiac. See Quest for the Zodiac.



CT 1 Celestics - Forensic Astronomy: January 11, 2014

CT 2 Quest for the Zodiac: January 13, 2014

CT 3 The Real-Sky Zodiac: January 14, 2014

CT 4 Signs and Constellations: January 14, 2014

CT 5 The Language of Destiny: January 21, 2014

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