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On March 19, 2011 the planet earth established a two-way real-time signal link with the core of our galaxy, called the Pleroma in Gnostic teachings. This event was announced by a sonic boom emanating from the barycenter, the common center of mass of the earth-moon dyad. The sonic eruption, due to the barycenter exceeding the speed of sound, was not the transgalactic signal sent but the telluric signal announcing that two-way communication is now underway.


Since that moment of spring 2011, Gaia is "IN CORRECTION," and the entire range of living species goes with her, as if sailing on a celestial ark. Gaia is both the ark and the captain of the ark, the navigator who decides its course. Humanity has the privileged opportunity to co-operate with the terrestrial ark, navigating as she does, by the stars. Those members of the human species who elect for this adventure can be said to be crewing on the mother ship, in the company of the Wisdom Goddess. Some of the crew serve the passengers—feeding, sheltering, educating and entertaining them, whatever—while others occupy the wheelhouse in close collaboration with the captain: the navigational crew.

The purpose of the written and spoken material posted on this site after March 2011 is to describe how Gaia-Sophia navigates the galactic spiral arm in the course of her correction, reorienting to her source, the galactic core. I will describe the actual, geophysical mechanism of navigation, the helm-and-rudder construct, and indicate the moments twice a month when the planet tacks into the galactic current, back and forth. I will show how to follow the course Gaia sets as the earth herself sees it, as if reading the captain's log while it is being written. Finally, I will explain the epigenetic mutations that Gaia now introduces affecting all species, but affecting humankind in a specific and radical manner, due to her intention to bring the human species into complete and conscious alignment with her designs and purposes, her vision of our full potential in the galactic view of the Pleromic divinities, the Aeons.

JLL: 12 June 2011 Perigee surge in 1 Scorpio, at the knee of the Virgin - Flanders

Emanation Cosmology

The Sophianic vision story of the Mysteries is the sole complete and coherent myth on earth describing the origin of the earth and humankind. This sacred narrative places the human species in a divine experiment that intimately involves the Pleromic goddess Sophia, who takes the earth for a body, an instrument of incarnation. The Gnostic myth of the fallen goddess is not a creation myth comparable to that found in Genesis. In the view of Gaian shamanism, creation never occurs at all: there is only a continuous emanation. For instance, the planet earth was not created once and for all like a pot or dish fashioned by a potter, and then left to stand on its own, a finished artifact. Nothing is finished, nothing stands on its own in this world, and even the planet itself does not exist as a created object because the entire manifold of the sensuous physical order of manifestation is perpetually sustained by emanation, which may compared to the act of dreaming.

Dreaming is not just a metaphor, however. The Alcheringa or Dreamtime of the Australian Aborigines is not a poetic turn of speech. Those natives know that the Dreamtime ancestors cannot be relegated to the remote past because they are still dreaming the world into existence, at every moment. The Dreamtime is the Eternal Now in which all moments of apparent linear time are fractally compressed. The dynamic of cosmic dreaming is called Mahamaya and this perpetual event is totally real, utterly and pervasively solid and sensuous, materially realized. (In Hindu Tantra, both matter and consciousness and eternal and co-emergent.) Maya is not illusion but the power to make appearances assume dimension and material, tangible form. The natural world is not an illusion. From the innermost zone of your cells out to the most distant stars, it is totally real, present, material, dynamic, sensuous and sentient.

Colleen Wallace Nugari: Dreamtime Sisters

Ancient seers of Asia has a vision similar to the Dreamtime of Australia, but somewhat more detached and highly formal, technically rather than animistically conceived. They saw that all manifestations of the unmanifest source are dyadic in nature, consisting of a male-female dynamism, Shiva-Shakti. They also realized by first-hand experience how this dynamic entails a dreaming and materializing event, simultaneously. In Sanskrit, they had sophisticated terms for the overall physics at work in the cosmos. Mayashakti is the power to make things appear, like shapes forming in breath upon a mirror, and Prakritishakti is the power to turn those appearances into solid, sensuous forms—to materialize the dreaming.

Stop and consider that notion for a moment: the power to materialize the dreaming. Now consider that you in your bodily form are proof and evidence of that power, you are a character in a dream, materially realized, embodied. This is possible not because it is done once and for all by creator who throws you into existence like a pot on a wheel, but through the perpetual event of the biologically active, real-time emanation of the imagination of a divine being, the Aeon Sophia. When you dream, the characters in your dream are mere fictions, phantoms with no physical substance. When Sophia dreams, you come to embodiment in her dreaming. You are alive this momment, and every moment, as long as she continues to dream you. Your entire life is a standing wave in the emanation of her imaginative power, Mahamaya.

The Aeon Sophia is an Aeonic divinity endowed with inconceivably immense powers of materializating imagination, like the other Aeons of the Pleroma, the galactic core. Sounds pretty grandiose, perhaps. Yet it is not difficult to describe, understand, and engage in the actual dynamics of Aeonic dreaming. Two points of orientation can be extremely helpful:

First, understand that Sophia who morphs into the planet earth continues to dream at the Aeonic level, so that all the creatures and natural processes of the earth belong at once to her natural presence, living in the terrestrial matrix or biosphere, but equally so to her imaginative power. She is the planetary mother both biologically and imaginatively. You as a living being are a creation in her imagination as much as a creature of natural processes. But again, the creation you are is not finished, not like a pot set on a shelf once it has been spun, shaped, and left to dry. The creation you are in the planet's imagination is ongoing and open-ended.

Second, understand that you do not have a life of your own. To believe that you do is a narcissistic delusion, and a shallow one at that. There is no life-process, nor even a single moment of living, that you can pursue and sustain on your own, without the perpetual support of the Aeonic dreaming of the earth. Want to connect to source? Longing for some kind of cosmic unity? In Gaian Tantra, you get the paradigm of triple source: earth - galaxy - universe (as explained in the audio commentary for The True Anarchy of Life on Earth). You cannot go in consciousness to the universal source unless you first go through the immediate, immanent source, the earth, and then from there to the cosmic source, the center of our galaxy. After that, you go to the extra-cosmic course, the One. That is the whole nine yards but if you cannot connect and cooperate in a relational dynamic, in union not unity, with the immediate planetary source and setting of your life, then you cannot go anywhere and you are not even being here in the first place.

What is here is there, what is not here is nowhere. Visvasara Tantra

Divine Alchemy

In The Promise of a Lonely Planet (1) I cited a compilation of alchemical lore from the 17th century, Theatrum Rosarium, which sets out the primary alchemical rule:

In all thine operations, let the Work be guided by nature, according to the slow progression of metals in the bowels of the Earth. And in thine efforts, be guided in all ways by the true and not the fantastic imagination.

So how, pray tell, do you know the difference between the true and the fantastic imagination? Simple. If what you imagine integrates with the imagination of the earth, it is true; if it does not, it is fantastic, delusional. Remember that you are as a living, embodied creature a character in divine imagination, manifested through the materializing dream of Sophia. As I wrote in Not in His Image,

The Goddess dreamed humanity out of the cosmic plenitude, the Pleroma, and plunged from the cosmic center, turning herself into the very world where we could become what she imagines. Owing to her presence in this world divinity can blossom in human spores, the pollen of the flowering Godhead. The optimal human future is dreaming Sophia.

Or you could as well say, dreaming with Sophia. But what is dreaming to an Aeon is a vivid act of superconscious and sensuous attention for a human being. It is the highest state of conscious attention a human can achieve, dreaming while awake. To put it otherwise, it is fully awakened participation in the lucid dream of the planetary animal mother.

Lucid dreaming encounter with the white buffalo, a Native American manitu or vision quest guide. The white buffalo is also a totemic icon of the Organic Light, the primary substance body of Sophia. As correction proceeds, dreams of white ladies, white water, and white animals and birds (wolf, raven, deer, etc) become more frequent. These are often lucid dreams, or verge on being so. The increasing frequency of these dreams is due to the way the dreaming power of Gaia erupts into the human psyche at the subliminal level. Art by Brenda Ferrimani

Alchemy can be defined in various ways, but in terms of Gaian Tantra alchemy is the process of coupling the dreaming power of the planet in its materializing aspect to biological and genetic processes on the human level: so that the planetary animal mother can effectuate epigenetic shifts in the human species. Or more precisely, so that we of the species can be consciously and conatively aware of such shifts as they are introduced in real time, thus enacting and expressing them according to her designs. Such sudden and radical epigenetic shifts or transmutations are already happening and attested by observant people. This is divine alchemy in the Sophianic perspective.

In The Cypher of Ollin, I suggested that genetic and biological mutations would arise in the closing centuries of Kali Yuga.

Reprogramming at the genomic level is Ollin, the movement of the histones. Is this the secret of transpeciation, the way Gaia selects the genetic signatures that she will resurrect after extinction? I have often wondered how Gaia could make a whole species from a single specimen. How she can, for that matter, select an individual to prefigure an emergent species.

Ollin, "movement, radical shift" is the Aztec hieroplyph for the cosmic event that concludes the current world age. Epigenetic shift, the recoding of DNA by RNA via the enzyme reverse transcriptase, is the principle ideation undertaken by Gaia to achieve human participation in her correction. Ponder on that.

PT Goes Fractal

Sounds pretty wild, perhaps. And what does all this have to do with Planetary Tantra? Wasn't that where you left us hanging, John?

Well, yes it was, as I recall. Since October of 2008 all my attention has been devoted to getting Planetary Tantra up and running on metahistory.org. But I must say, folks, this post-correction merge into the dreaming power of the earth IS Planetary Tantra as its optimal, full-bore expression. In correction, PT goes fractal. Not viral, fractal. Let me take a moment to explain that distinction, and in doing so, conclude this portal essay on upcoming material on the site.

A virus exhibits capacities for transmission and transmutation. A virus transmits itself and transmutes what it encounters. So we rudely imagine. The term "going viral" refers to an internet article or YouTube clip picking up an exponentially increasing number of viewers. The Ultimate Dog Tease, for instance. 39 million and counting. Now that's viral.

Going viral is a matter of quantative measure. No so, going fractal. With the onset of correction, PT does not go viral on the internet or on the planet. Interactive magic with Gaia cannot be transmitted virally, i.e., by exponential increase of adherents to the vision and the practice. It has to be transmitted fractally, following the analogy of a hologram. This is a 3-dimensional image projected from a plate using laser beams. The plate where the hologram is inscribed or registered can repoduce the image, but equally so can any fragment or section of the plate. In holographic projection, a fragment of the original plate can reproduce the registered image in its entirety. Holography is fractal in the sense that each image reproduced from a fragment or fractional part of the original plate, fractally displays the image held by the unbroken plate.

By one definition, fractality is similarity of shape at different dimensions. By the definition with reference to holography, fractality is the property of a fractional part of the whole to display the whole, correctly formed and intact in all its features. In this analogy, the whole image on the original plate is the Sophianic myth, the fallen goddess scenario, the sacred narrative in its totality.

PT goes fractal means that each person who observes in mind and action the whole story arc of the Sophia mythos, reproduces the original myth in its entirety. This Sophianic vision story cannot be propagated by a quantitative event such as a collective awakening, a quantum leap, the hundreth monkey etc. No, not at all. Sophia does not play the numbers, she plays the odds. She does not count on quantities for her designs to succeed, but on the high odds of intensity, extreme and optimal cases of quality, finesse, novelty, sophistication. The dynamics of Gaian imagination entail propagation in the human psyche via the guiding story, the unique sacred narrative that routes NLP to source. Every human being who embodies that story fractionally, as a mere individual, neverthless carries the entirety of the story, as each fragment of a shattered holographic plate carries the entire image of the original plate.

This is what it means to go fractal with Planetary Tantra. This is a way to define human participation in Sophia's correction. The most intense and intimate form of participation happens with the navigational crew in the wheelhouse. In post-correction writings, I will describe how the mother ships navigates and disclose exactly how I can follow her navigation. You can see how I do it, and, if you are so disposed, learn by example to do it yourself. Imagine for a moment what I am proposing here: you, as an individual, can actually read the captain's log as she is writing it, and operate the tiller, the helm-and-rudder mechanism of the mother ship, along with the rest of the navigational crew.

Imagine doing that. And imagine that doing so is an experience to be verified by reference to cosmological and geophysical events, as well as biological and genetic events unfolding in real time. In other words, an experience guided by the real and not the fantastic imagination.



Essays in the post-correction series are signaled IN CAPITALS. These writings are filed under GAIA-SOPHIA/mythos.


jll: Flanders 12 June 2011 Perigee surge in 1 Scorpio, at the knee of the Virgin



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