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NAVIGATOR for Gaia-Sophia Principle

The navigator is a tool for locating and correlating specific material throughout the site. It both explains the nature of the material, and directs you to it. From the navigator "deck" (this page), you can steer to any linked topic, and then return directly to the deck.

The Gaia-Sophia Principle is a philosophical correlate to the Gaia Hypothesis of James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis. Unlike the Gaia Hypothesis, which confines itself to a description of the geophysiology of the Earth, the Principle attempts to define the human role in Gaia's life-process, even in Gaia's awareness.

The hyphenated term, Gaia-Sophia, links the planet as we know it to supernatural powers in the cosmos at large, specifically the powers in the Pleroma, the center of our galaxy. Gnostic teachings contain the mythos of the Goddess Sophia who plunged from the Pleroma and became Gaia. The story of Sophia is about the cosmic pre-existence of the indwelling divinity of the Earth. The Fallen Goddess Scenario can be recovered from surviving Gnostic texts using the Lego method.

To understand the beliefs that drive human behavior, we require a standard for evaluating beliefs. Metahistory.org assumes that the wisdom innate to the species must be the base-line for an such evaluation.Without undue religiosity, we can imagine Gaia as the Earth Goddess in whose body this wisdom is rooted. The Principle is not abstract, for it can be tested by developing human potential to optimum levels.

Accepting our connection to the Earth, we are obliged to face the daunting issue of erotic disability in the human species. Beliefs that contradict or deny the innate knowing of the heart are insane and inhumane, but without a way to discern that they are so, and develop optional beliefs, we risk being tyrannized by them. Special heed to the Sophianic principle may be the single, most essential factor in a course correction for humanity.

The Magdalene Connection, brought to mainstream attention by The Da Vinci Code, is an expanding facet of the site. To celebrate the myth and mystique of Mary Magdalene is a way of affirming the Principle.

Coco De Mer explains how Gnostic cosmology carries a world-changing message, because it can radically shift the way we respond to the natural world. This is the ultimate aim of all teaching on the wisdom endowment in Metahistory.org.