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A diaspora is the scattering of a people across the world due to natural and human-caused catastrophes. The surviving remnant of any group defined by race, religion, culture, or language, whose existence has been threatened by genocide, invasion, or disinheritence, seeks to migrate and survive, and to establish a new way of life. In The Alternative History of the Grail I show that the "noble company of the Graal" were the diaspora of the Pagan Mysteries that had been eradicated with the rise of Christianity. They were the remnant of surviving mystics who preserved the encounter with the Organic Light, the primary substance body of the earth.

The Gaiaspora are the adepts of Mysteries yet to come who go into the future in correction with the Aeon Sophia after March 2011. They are the navigational crew who sail the mother ship toward the true destination of humanity. Coming from all races, religions, languages, and cultures, they defy the past and defeat the tyrannical lies of history by entering a visionary adventure in real time. The Captain's Log plots this journey, recording how Gaia recovers her direction and impacts the human species with the immediate, spontaneous animation of her divine intention, her designs and purposes.

- The Maine Terton Midsummer 2011


Apsides Range for 2011

First Phase of Correction: March 2011 - January 2012

A> ECL 1 - 28 in FISHES aka WHALES. The lunar apogee advances from the vernal point VP, startpoint of the ecliptic scale and tropical (sign) zodiac, to the border of the FISHES and RAM. This advance is steady and forward, following the natural sequence of the constellations. Curiously, A> seems to hover or hesitate at moments.      

The lunar apogee shows how Gaia-Sophia recovers her sense of direction within the context of her story, the evolutional legend of the earth. Doing so, she remembers key events and regains her original intentions. Like a sorcerer, the planetary mother animal recapitulates her entire journey in order to redeploy her vital forces and align her intent to the highest possible level of efficacy. The transit of the apogee through the background constellations tracks this process of recapitulation. A > :: divine memory

P> ECL 151 LION - ECL 235 SCORPION. The lunar perigee moves from its initial location at Regulus in the heart of the Lion to the claws of the Scorpion, traversing LION, VIRGIN, SCALES, SCORPION. It does not advance uniformly through the year but jumps erratically back and forth.    

The lunar perigee shows how Gaia-Sophia impacts the human species with her designs and purposes, consistent with her correction. Doing so, the planetary animal mother instigates a vast range of shifts and transmutations throughout nature and within the human genome, simultaneously. She makes over the species to fit her designs and those who take the fit can journey with her. Like an alchemist, Gaia transmutes her world freely and playfully within the long-range view of everlasting life. The erratic transit of the perigee against the background constellations tracks this process of transmutation. P > :: divine alchemy

Correction begins with the lunar apogee at the VP, the location of the vernal equinox in this epoch: beneath the tail of the western Fish or Whale. In this illustration taken from stellarium.org,  the moon stands at the head of the sea monster, CETUS. The massive body of Cetus sprawls beneath the western Whale.  Above the western Whale stands the square of PEGASUS and the upper part of the body of ANDROMEDA, the fallen woman. Note how Cetus and Andromeda frame the Fishes, below and above. However, the pentagonal head of Cetus is markedly positioned beneath the Ram, the constellation often associated with the head. All the stars in the Ram composite lie above the ecliptic plane (straight line), an arrangement  unique to that constellation. The Ram is a diminutive constellation, spanning a mere 20 degrees of the ecliptic.

Figure 1

In the first phase of correction, the lunar apogee advances through the Fishes to alignment with M31 (Andromeda Galaxy), precisely indicated by the pointing design of the visualization proposed for the eastern or leaping Fish. This phase lasts from March 2011 to January 2012.

In the second phase A> advances through the Ram to the Pleiades on the hump of the BULL. Doing so, it crosses the region of the head of Cetus who may be imagined as looking upward toward the Ram.

The Cetus-Ram tableau represents the confrontation between humanity (the luminous child, or anthropos) and the Archontic forces, described in the Gnostic text, On the Origin of the World....


Material by John Lash and Lydia Dzumardjin: Copyright 2002 - 2018 by John L. Lash.